Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Filler Day Continues: The Ghoogles

Based on the traffic we're getting for Mr. Williams, perhaps G:TB should go into the player representation business. TR can be our David Falk.
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rob said...

the person confusing kevin youkilis with freddie prinze amuses me.

Shlara said...

How is it that "naked ladies having sex" and "mormons" both lead to this blog?

TJ said...

Whoever wrote the "mormoms" back in the day, either on purpose or by accident, is my new favorite person.

TR said...

But Youkilis and Prinze are both gay...

TJ said...

rob can't accept how many of his Red Sox are pole smokers...

rob said...

for all i'm concerned, they can smoke more pole than a warsaw hooker as long as they continue to win.

TJ said...

Enjoy Brad Penny...and the "Ernest Goes to Jail"-version of Smoltz..

jerome said...

andy rautins mullet

TJ said...

Well, if I type long enough, you just might want to refresh before commenting...and yes, go ahead, do that now.

Mark said...

Mormoms was all me. It was about the only good thing that came from my Sugar Bowl preview post.