Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The "F" is for Filler

Greg, this one's for you pal:


Whitney said...

How is it that SportsBog included a shout-out to the Nerdiest Blog in the 'Sphere™ but not to G:TB, where Rob's been heralding the Wrens for some time? Not cool.

rob said...

our chief marketing officer made the same point directly to the bog. we'll see what happens.

i'm working on a caa tournament preview for the one and done wrens. the bog may not like what he sees.

zoltan said...

Maybe th new mascot should be a big wet blanket. W&m hall would be "the linen closet." Then when rob goes to games we could say "rob is in the closet."

Jerry said...

Maybe the mascot should just be an ugly, dorky looking student. Benefits:

- Could be male or female
- We've got a nearly unlimited supply
- Save $$ on costumes (in this economy!)
- It's indicative of our people and culture
- Would be a good sub-plot in any teen drama or comedy

Dennis said...

The Scholars.

Whitney said...

But Jerry, how on earth would you be able to pick out the mascot at Tribe games?

"Hey, there's the Tribe mascot -- you know, Nerdly."

"No, I saw him over there in the 'Shhh, I'm Studying' section."

"You guys are both wrong. SHE -- Frumplestiltskin -- is over there in the sweatshirt that says in big block letters 'The College of William and Mary in Virginia Established 1693 The second oldest university in the United States of America.' See her? She's condescendingly shooting down those dorky kids for a date from her seat(s) in Section D."

TJ said...

He reallllly wanted off that flight:

A 26-year-old passenger on board an American Airlines jet from Charlotte to Dallas opened a door and slid down an inflatable emergency chute Tuesday as the aircraft waited to taxi to its gate at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

The man, who had not been identified Tuesday night, reportedly ran into the first class section of American Airlines Flight 1343 and opened the exit door, according to an airport advisory. The plane, an MD-80, had just arrived from Charlotte/Douglas International Airport about 1 p.m. and was parked on a ramp when the incident happened.

After opening the door, the man deployed the inflatable slide and slid down to the Aircraft Operations Area, where he was held by American fleet service clerks until airport public safety officers took him into custody.

Jerry said...

It's like the "I am Tiger Woods commercial". Everyone is the mascot.