Monday, June 17, 2019


Gloria Vanderbilt has passed away at the age of 95. She lived a life of fame, fortune . . . fashion. And a had boy named Anderson, who seems to have made a name for himself.

Gloria is an oft-used name in rock and/or roll, and here's a playlist of the Glorias, with some artist Glorias thrown in.

Oh . . . plus one song that stands out to the uninitiated. Robert Hazard and the Heroes' 80's one-hitter "Escalator of Life."  One listen and you'll know why.

Factoid: Robert Hazard wrote and first recorded "Girls Just Want to Have Fun."  He was from southeastern PA, so our late great mate Evan used to tout his virtues. Pancreatic cancer took the Pennsyltucky rocker in '08.  Much will rightfully be said about Gloria Vanderbilt today. Let there also be at least one swig consumed (f the wasteful pouring out tradition) for Robert Hazard, his heroes, and his fans.

Hey, girl . . . I'm a personal friend of Gloria Vanderbilt
I got all the gold in the world around my neck 
Come ride the steel dinosaur 
Run wild in the jungle 
It's a Zulu Nation 
Seduction, sacrifice, a new sensation 
Nothing ever changes!

It ain't Dylan or McCartney, but I like it.  Cheers.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Father's Day Singalong

Audience participation time, Gheorghies. I'm gonna start by listing several songs that remind me of my Dad, or that remind of of being a Dad. And you're gonna add to the list. Because you're good people and you like music.

Here's a different version of the same song that I like even better, for obvious reasons.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Barney and the North

It's winner celebration week here at G:TB, and apparently at 99% Invisible, as well.

The excellent design-focused podcast (featured not that long ago in this post) just re-ran an episode from a few years ago that celebrated the Raptors' first uniforms. These glorious togs right here (with bonus Oliver Miller!):

Enjoy the podcast here, and learn about the demented genius behind this look and the dozens of other mid-90s monstrosities you loved to hate.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Grudging Congratulations

The Blues certainly earned that Stanley Cup title, so here's to them:

Phish knows what time it is:

Monday, June 10, 2019

Music for the Masses

Time Magazine political journalist Lissandra Villa did us a considerable service yesterday, tweeting the following list of walkout songs chosen by the Democratic Presidential contenders that attended the Iowa Democrats Hall of Fame ceremonies yesterday.

Your opinions may vary, but my opinion of Amy Klobuchar went way up. Beto O'Rourke, punk from way back, with a strong choice, as well. Elizabeth Warren stays on brand, and appeals to a certain demographic that'll probably be important, though I don't love the song. Mayor Pete, underdog rap - also on message. Kamala Harris, I see you. And what the everlovin' fuck are you doing, Bill De Blasio?

And there's some straight-forward pabulum here, too.

Do comment below.

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Summer of Footy

The confluence, my friends. The confluence.

If you like the world's game, it's an embarrassment of riches for you over the next month or so. And in two particular cases, just embarrassment, FIFA-style.

For starters, the Women's World Cup kicked off yesterday with hosts France thoroughly
dominating South Korea on the way to a comprehensive 4-0 win. Les Bleues are one of the title favorites, with seven players from Champions League winners Olympique Lyonnais on its roster. The U.S. Women's National Team, who are defending their 2015 title, are the other side widely acknowledged as likely to win. Should both teams win their groups, an overwhelming probability, and win their Round of 16 matches, they'd meet in the quarterfinals. Shrewd move, that, on the part of the brain trust at FIFA.

Trying not to be a homer here, and recognizing that the overall quality of the women's game continues to improve by leaps and bounds, I still think it's Jill Ellis' Americans' title to lose. Australia is really good, as are Germany, Brazil, England, Japan, and the hosts. But our ladies are tested, tough, and talented. Pay attention to the final game of the USA's group run, when we play Sweden. Both teams will likely have clinched advancement in a weak group (with Chile and Thailand). The winner of the group will get France in the quarterfinals, while the loser would get a marginally easier route.

The CONCACAF Gold Cup, our regional competition, starts in earnest a week from today. Gregg Berhalter's team dropped a desultory match on Thursday in D.C., losing 1-0 to Jamaica, though they were without their full complement of players. The USMNT plays against Guyana on the 18th before a revenge match against Trinidad and Tobago on June 22. At the very least, Team America should get to the semifinals of this tournament. The very, very least.

Later today, the US Men's Under-20 team take on Ecuador in the quarterfinals of the U20 World Cup in Poland. The young Americans (young Americans, she wants the young Americans...aaaaalllllll right) came back from a 2-1 deficit against tournament favorites France in the first round of the knockout stage. (Foreshadowing?!?) This is the third consecutive U20 World Cup that's seen Tab Ramos' side make the final eight. Third time's a charm, hope the red, white, and blue.

CONMEBOL, the South American federation, hosts its irregularly timed Copa America this month, as well. The tournament starts next Friday in Brazil. The hosts just lost erratic (and annoying, and probably a rapist) superstar Neymar to an ankle injury sustained in a friendly win over Qatar.

The Copa America final at the Maracana in Rio will take place on July 7. And here's where we get to the other (most recent) FIFA gaffe. See, the CONCACAF Gold Cup final is also scheduled for July 7. That's two of the most prominent non-World Cup tournaments in the men's game slated for the same day.

Which is also when the Women's World Cup final takes place in Lyon. This, to put it mildly, is a slap in the face to the women's game. At a time when the U.S. women are suing U.S. Soccer for equal treatment, and ladies Ballon D'Or winner Ada Hegerberg from Norway is sitting out the World Cup to protest her national federation's lack of funding for the women's game, you'd think that FIFA would be able to figure out how to at least pretend to showcase the distaff elite.

You'd think that, if you didn't know anything about FIFA's clusterfuckery.

While all that is going on, our domestic leagues are taking a break, but both the MLS and NWSL are having highly entertaining seasons. D.C. United and the Washington Spirit pace their respective leagues, but second-year Los Angeles FC is threatening to run away and hide on its way to being one of the best sides in league history.

And in case that's not enough soccer for your entertainment dollar, the transfer window is open across the globe. Real Madrid just signed Chelsea star Eden Hazard. Paul Pogba's rumored to be on the move from Manchester United, as is Romelu Lukaku once Antonio Conte gets ensconced at Inter Milan. Money's gonna fly fast and furious, and the action in the boardroom may be as heated as the on-pitch stuff.

Except on July 7th.

Friday, June 07, 2019

Gheorghe's 6-Pack: Cover Tunes

It's Friday.  Afternoon.  Just about Miller Time.

And that means it's time for a 6-Pack!

In the interest of spreading the love of good music, we will throw out six suggested songs by certain bands you may or may not know much about. Not much of a time commitment, just a little something to get the flavor and get you going.

Okay, so that's the charter of this recurring segment that actually recurs, but we're taking a bit of a different path today. We always like tributes here in the G:TB Music department, and we've trod over that ground a fair bit. So let's queue up some new or rare covers for you.

This Bud's for You

Three of them are mellowfied, deconstructed takes on otherwise peppy songs.  The final three are just interesting genre-twists. Have a listen and see what you think.
This may be your reaction to my 6-Pack playlists...

The last one I particularly like.  Eagles of Death Metal was the band playing in Paris when that terrorist bullshit happened there four years ago.  Theirs is a tale of slow recovery from that horribleness, not physically but emotionally. I'd have to figure that would fuck with me pretty good, too.  Their cover of Duran Duran's "Save a Prayer" was both a decent rendition and a mantra in the aftermath of that cowardly act of evil.

This week they released an album of covers called EODM Present Boots Electric Performing the Best Songs We Never Wrote.  Some interesting song choices for sure. I like the Ramones and Kenny Rogers tunes, but by far my favorite is the Wham! cover. If your heart needs some healing, by all means turn to Gheorghe Michael and Andrew Ridgeley.

And in a related move, it's been a while since we gave this guy the airtime he greatly deserves:

Have a great weekend. Be safe and be sure to enjoy something.