Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hey Ladies

And here I was thinking the President-elect was a scrawny fellow. Hey, Iran - our President can kick your President's ass. Russia, well, maybe not.


rob said...

it would appear that the yankees just signed mark teixeira for 8/180. if true, they now have $118m tied up in 5 players this season (arod, jeter, sabathia, burnett, and teixeira). the gnashing of teeth when they fall short again will be symphonic.

Dave said...

no comments about how gay it is to post a topless cheesecake pic of our president? i guess things are leaning to the left.

TJ said...

Dave, rob and this pic are indeed very very gay. But the Teen Wolf masterpiece got posted so quickly we were able to brush rob's manlove of Obama aside.