Friday, October 17, 2008

Someone help me out here

I realize this isn't the absolute worst rap song of all time, but this has to be Top 5, right? I embedded this extended video version just so everyone can have a chuckle at the opening exchange...Michael Vick jokes are hilarious:


Whitney said...

That is horrible. Utterly void of musical talent or even creative effort. Not bad in a so-bad-it's-amusing way, like Biz Markie or watching "Small Wonder"... it's bad in an it's-unwatchable way, like it aspires to be more like Gerardo's "Rico Suave."

Zoltan said...

This is all Master P's fault.

amanda young said...

Everytime i watch some old Soulja Vids im felling sad, cause Soulja isnt like this anymore. amanda vanderpool fashion