Thursday, October 02, 2008

Quick Programming Note

...before rob unleashes a monster post (really, truly, it is a monster). Everyone and their mother has been posting what the kids today call "music videos" here on G:TB, so I thought I'd get in the mix this morning. It's a little foreshadowing for my exciting evening ahead, a dreamy night up at 7th and F(un) Street hanging tough with Danny, Donnie, Joey, Jordan and Jonathan:


Whitney said...

Teejay, I think we're gonna need you to elaborate on your night ahead. We are cringing in anticipation.

TJ said...

I think tomorrow's recap should be pretty good, along the lines of the Manilow and Diamond recaps from my previous jaunts to Verizon Center to see musical luminaries.

jerome said...

tj is hangin' tough.