Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reader Request

I was told at lunch yesterday that G:TB needed more wrestling interviews. Then I was sent this clip, and after that dose of Mean Gene and Macho Man I might have to agree:


TJ said...

Not a good start to the season for Lez Boullez last night.

jerome said...

I am really craving a Slim Jim.

Rhymenocerous said...

I'm starting to really notice and loathe the "Sports Guy-ification" of sports reporting in mainstream places and the sports blogosphere.

The over-the-top comments from Phils fans and reporters are a little much. Phillly papers, Deadspin and others are fully on board with the "strangers hugging strangers, men weeping, yadda, yadda, yadda" articles.

This team won the Series in 1980. That means every fan over 35 can remember them winning once before. It's not remotely like the Red Sox or White Sox, where there are 80 year old fans who never sniffed victory until '04 or '05. Give me a break here.

The Sports Guy blazed the trail of "you have no idea how important this is to me and the real fans." Now, his popularity has led all kinds of fans to outdo each other with sentimental crap. Get some balls people.

So have your fun, Philz fans. But if you're a guy over 35, and you cried when they won, you are a fucking pussy.

Zoltan said...

Anyone who weeps when their favorite sports team wins wins a championship needs to get a life, perspective, therapy, etc.

rob said...

i cried like a little girl after both the 2004 alcs and the 2004 world series. i guess what i'm saying is: eat a bag of dicks, zoltan.

Dennis said...

I've cried twice after a sporting event. Once when one of my Dad's players hit three 3's in under a minute to win the Regional Championship - 2 days after his Dad died. And the second was when Jimmy Chitwood hit that jumper to give Hickory the state championship.

Mark said...

Never cried at or after a sporting event I wasn't involved in. The again, none of my teams have histories that even remotely approach tortured.

I did scare TJ to death and make him think I was gonna hit him whilst celebrating the Cardinals' World Series victory in Jacksonville two years ago.

Speaking of Jacksonville, its getting awfully close to my arrival in that shit hole city and I'm already full of hate for all things Georgia.

TJ said...

Yep...nothing like a tattooed lunatic going bonkers while I try to smoke out of a lime.

What? Who said that?