Wednesday, October 01, 2008

"I ain't got time to bleed."

He does, however, have time to star in a new TruTv show (seriously, Court TV was a much better name...why the TruTV? Stupid cable tv station). That's right, Jesse the Body has been given the greenlight to travel the country and explore "modern-day conspiracies", whatever the hell that means. Does the fact that "Two and a Half Men" consistently ranks in the Top 10 in viewers each week fit the bill?
Jesse Ventura, TV detective: He'll start filming a series in October

Jesse Ventura may or may not have a "judge" show in his future, but one thing's for sure: He's definitely going to be searching for justice.

The former governor will host a new program for TruTV (formerly Court TV) in which he'll travel the country, exploring modern-day conspiracies and getting input from believers and skeptics.

"I've been a mayor; I've been a governor. Now I get to be a detective and seek the truth," Ventura said in a press statement.

The series starts filming in October and is being produced by A. Smith & Co., which is also responsible for "Hell's Kitchen" and "Trading Spaces." A premiere date has not been announced.

Ventura also is reportedly in talks to do a syndicated "Judge Judy"-type program that may premiere next season.
When reached by G:TB for comment, Ventura simply had this to say (which, honestly, seemed a tad out of context, but I rolled with it):


amanda young said...

This is a line I can never forget. Just fantastic! Checkout Amanda

Ramon Johnson said...
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Ramon Johnson said...

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