Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Roger, Roger

News today that the great Roger Murdock is fighting leukemia. In his own private way, he's kept it quiet for over a year, revealing it now in hopes of helping others. God Bless, Kareem - may you live a long and healthy life. Certainly long enough to do this again:


rob said...

stand by - apparently the producers of airplane are serious about copyright infringement.

TJ said...

One moment please...need to replace rob's abort-a-clip with one that actually works.

Whitney said...

That's the scene that made me first want to become a pilot.

Oh, but then I saw Arthur a year later, and the rest is history.

Whitney said...

What jumps out at you when you read this?

Columbia Records and Albert Productions Unleash Backtracks, the Ultimate AC/DC Experience, Available in Two Special Boxed Editions, on Tuesday, November 10
Deluxe Collector's Limited Edition Features 3 CDs of Live & Studio Rarities, 2 DVDS Including the Long-Awaited "Family Jewels Disc 3," A Vinyl LP of Studio Collectibles, A Coffee Table Book, Facsimiles of Authentic Memorabilia, Fine Art Lithographs & More Boxed In An AC/DC Working Guitar Amplifier - Available Exclusively Through Band's Website
Standard Edition Includes 2 CDs of Studio & Live Rarities & "Family Jewels 3" DVD Plus Bonus Videos

Yeah. An AC/DC coffee table book?! Hilarious.

AC/DC's one of the all-time greats, but they're inarguably one of the sweatiest, dirtiest, most deviant bunch of lads in rock history. Is this really what you want in your living room for guests to flip through as they sip lattes? Photos of Bon Scott in anatomically obvious tight jeans throwing up off the side of the stage? Brian Johnson's sopping wet, matted down honk-fro after yet another show-closing "For Those About to Rock"? Angus with his tongue out, shirt off, and devil stare? Photographic representations of "Big Balls," "Beating Around the Bush," and "Sink the Pink"?

You have to love those guys.

TJ said...

The Warriors scored 146 points last night. Lunatic Stephen Jackson actually had 15 assists. And somehow Monta Ellis had 10 boards.

TR said...

If you had crazy nostrils like Stephen Jackson, you'd be angry too.

TR said...

If I were to pursue a career in adult film, I would want the background music to ESPN's 30 for 30 podcasts as my soundtrack. The sweet bass lines would compliment my professional lovemaking.

Just wanted to throw that out there.

TR said...

Didn't mean to scare folks away. I'm just ramping down the appropriateness of the comments in advance of ESPN's Jimmy the Greek documentary tonight.