Monday, November 09, 2009

Mark had a rough weekend

But he learned a valuable lesson from this experience - wait until you stop projectile vomiting to call 9-1-1 about your stolen maryjane:
SALEM, Ore. - Oregon police have charged a man with drunk driving after he called 911 to report his marijuana as stolen but the dispatcher couldn't understand him because he was vomiting while on the road.

Marion County sheriff's deputies say 21-year-old Calvin Hoover, of Salem, told dispatchers early Tuesday that someone had broken into his truck and stolen cash, a jacket and a small amount of marijuana while he was at a tavern in Salem.

He then called 911 again to complain that deputies had not arrived, but the dispatcher had trouble understanding Hoover because he was driving and stopping several times to vomit.

He was arrested on charges of driving under the influence of intoxicants.


Whitney said...

Skins will sign Larry Johnson, right? Because that's where the problem is.

TR said...

The front page of today's Wall Street Journal has this article teaser on the top-left corner: "Mired among the NFL's saddest sacks, the Washington Redskins set a unique standard for misery."

The article says that Zorn "has as much clout as a vegetarian at The Capital Grill." You're taking sucking to a whole new level to get recognized by the Journal. Congrats.

TR said...

In other news, my 6-10 prediction for the Jets' 2009 record still has an excellent shot of coming true, and my decision to take Mark's bet (Knicks losses vs. Orlando wins) is looking a little better.

Geoff said...

My 6-10 prediction for the Skins looks downright homeriffic. I'll set the O/U for Skins wins for the remainder of the season at 0.5.

Dave said...


how did you make those hair photos? awesome.

and i read 12 of the books on th elist-- so right between you and brady, but the list is sort of ridiculous, perhaps i should make my own.

Whitney said...

Dave, welcome back to your side of the Mason-Dixon line. I can't picture you in FLA as anything short of the a-hole in Daytona who intentionally wrote EAT ME in lotion on his chest and let the rest burn.

The link to the yearbook page was in the original post.

And by all means you should do a Top 20 list of books. Of this decade, all time, whatever. Top 10/20/etc Lists of ___ are ubiquitous, totally subjective, self-indulgent, and worthless, which is why we at Gheorghe endorse them. And we'll have our own year-end lists of various kinds next month.

zoltan said...

Avoid Canada.