Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Belated Happy B-Day, Early Happy T-Day

It was mentioned in the comments here recently, but it really should have been a bit more heralded. Gheorghe: The Blog turned 6 the other day. That’s about 96 in blog-years, but we’re still rolling along in this space and only peeing ourselves every once in a while.

It’s hard to believe that this little blog has been around for six years. Ah, 2003; maybe take a few seconds to ponder where you were, what you were doing for kicks, what you were doing for work, whom you were banging (those last two may have overlapped), and what you were drinking in ’03 – not to mention the state of the world, sporting or otherwise.

It was vastly different back then – just look at how much the Washington Redskins have changed since then: in 2003, they struggled to a 5-11 finish during the head coach’s second and final year as an NFL coach; they had a struggling, young quarterback who would never really prove himself; Ladell Betts and Rock Cartwright were forced into action after the starting tailback got hurt; the Skins blew some games late, and they were just “not very good.” Night and day, right?

Anyway, it’s easy to read the robust banter at Gheorghe: The Blog in 2009 and forget all about its early struggles to survive. By now you all know about Rob founding this vehicle for inanity in 2003, and you get that I’ve been his collaborator in most things bloggy along the way. And it’s obvious that we’ve recruited a roster full of buffoons to join in our revelry. In all likelihood, however, you don’t realize or acknowledge the role of one Thomas James Simspon in single-handedly keeping this ridiculous effort alive for several years until it could get its legs and mature into the full-on dipshittery machine that it is today.

Our new-fangled bean-counter contraptions at G:TB have enabled us to run the numbers more easily. And they stun even me, even though I was right there for the slacking.

Rob cranked out the first 12 posts of Gheorghe’s production. All Rob, all the time for two months. That pretty much ended when 2004 rolled around. In ’04, TJ voluntarily took the reins as Rob faded into the dust ruffle. I chimed in here and there, but here was the breakdown:

2004 G:TB Post Count
Rob 5
Whitney 14
TJ 111
And the one-man show continued in 2005, even though Dennis was added to the fray:

2005 G:TB Post Count
Rob 4
Whitney 19
Dennis 22
TJ 174
In 2006, carrying this blog on his back was beginning to take its toll on Teej:

2006 G:TB Post Count
Rob 2
Whitney 6
Dennis 3
TJ 92
Let’s be honest: it didn’t look good for the future of Gheorghe. Rob’s whopping two (!) posts in all of 2006 (one of them three sentences long) represented an indefensible abandonment of the blog he’d initiated. His disappearance from these pages had everyone predicting the end of Gheorghe (and checking their shoes for the little guy).

Just when Teejay’s broad shoulders were about to give out, however, Like Phoenix rising from the ashes of the 2003-04 season and winning 33 more games a year later under Mike D’Antoni, Gheorghe: The Blog returned to prominence . . . or at least semi-regular posting . . . in 2007. A hearty 69 of the 192 Gheorghe entries that year were from non-Teej sources (including one from newcomer Dave), and a reinvigorated Rob accounted for 38 of those. It represented a rebirth for the blog, one that now has us cruising along at our sixth birthday and planning for the fun that lies ahead.

I didn’t come here today to bury Rob’s reputation as creator, cornerstone, and curmudegeonly heart and soul of Gheorghe by revealing that he contributed a post here just 11 times in three calendar years during the formative years of his own blog. (That’s just gravy.) No, instead I’m here to remind and/or inform you readers of one very special boy without whom we would all have a few extra minutes in every day to get things done, but also without whom perhaps our lives would be one shade less bright.

From what you see and hear of T.J. today, and especially from how the rest of us offer only condescending asides and back-handed compliments to his work at G:TB, you might think of him only as the clown who does the silly YouTubes, News of the Weird blurbs, and the Ghoogles . . . oh, and the guy who puts his name on Mark’s pick posts. I implore you, however, to remain aware that were it not for the efforts of Thomas James, today Gheorghe: The Blog would be a fleeting memory of wasted hours gone by. He’s not a clown; he’s a hero, he’s a savior of blogs, he’s a stubborn ass who posts stuff nobody may ever read but he doesn’t care, and he’s a clown.

So when it comes around the table on Thursday, and it’s your turn to be thankful for something in your life, why not eschew the trite “good friends and loving family” crap and offer up the change of pace: “I’m thankful for Teejay, and how he helped saved Gheorghe from extinction lo those many years ago.” At the very least, it’ll keep you from having to entertain your nephews and nieces for a while…


rob said...

bravo, doofus overlord.

TR said...

G:TB links are now the first two results when you google the phrase "Judy tenuta's melons".

You're welcome.

zoltan said...

We're also the top two results for "jamarcusian," a phrased coined by our founder and lackadaisical poster.

Mark said...

Who says they are thankful for friends and family at the Thanksgiving table? Your Family sounds really fucking boring Whitney. I like to be thankful for the things that really matter, you know Slurpees, great recruiting classes and free weed.

Mark said...

Florida is playing FSU in basketball tonight. It's a nice way to get my complete and utter hate for FSU warmed up for and going for Saturday.

rob said...

maryland's playing a jamarcusian first half.

and the tribe's own david schneider is caa hoops player of the week.

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day! http://kantahanan.blogspot.com/

Mark said...

Hey Tagskie...eat shit!

Greg said...

Happy Bhirthdhay Gheorghe!!!!

rob said...

first bo ryan sighting of the season. nice.

Whitney said...

Mark was right in his insult. Tagskie's blog is entitled "Kantahanan: Home of every song." Sweet, but it appears that it's merely the home of lyrics to a handful of Oasis songs and a few Coldplay songs. (Coldplay is one word, Tag skie.)

So when you're actually looking for Vince Vance's "Bomb Iran" or Zeppelin's "Hey Hey What Can I Do," don't go to Tagskie's site. If you want the 17th most popular crap Oasis song, however, go for it!!!

Marlin said...

I just got an "E-Mail from Morton Hall" at W&M wishing me a happy thanksgiving. While I was happy to get an e-mail from the crappiest academic building on campus, especially in light of the fact that I skipped many of my classes there, I am pissed that Unit M can't be bothered to write. I am not asking for a case of Natty Light Ice in bottles, just a simple f'ing e-mail that says "Thanks for urinating in the kitchen sink and clogging the suite toilet back in 94'. Wishing you and yours the happiest of holiday seasons."

Is that too much to ask?

TJ said...

Watch out before Swem Library tries to Facebook friend you.

TR said...

Marls - I think Tucker Hall feels shamed that you think Morton is worse.

And why are you posting this at 6:11 AM? Are you bored in an airport? Have you reverted back to your early 90's hours, when you would hang out until dawn and sleep until noon, and then disappear for days on end?

Marlin said...


Marlin said...

The ignore was with regard to Swem's friend request not TR's comment.

Marlin said...

As someone who sequenced in English, I feel confident that Tucker was a much better building. It was on old campus, actually had some history, and was not a cinderblock bunker like Morton. The problem with Tucker was the clove smoking douchenozzles that hung out there.

As for my early posting, it results from a crappy thanksgiving travel schedule.

Dan said...

a lot of early risers this morning. proudaya. let's make something happen today people, between slacking that is.

TJ said...

That last pic is entitled "tj hung like a horse.jpg"

Wouldn't that be nice.

Whitney said...

I got an e-mail from the College Delly this morning. "Dean is back. Talk about clogged toilets! Please help!!!"

Whitney said...

There was a character limit, and that pic name got cut off. It was supposed to be "tj hung like a horsefly." Sorry.

TJ said...

That's more like it.

TR said...

The inability to download the NY Times applet to my work PC so I can print out the crossword puzzles and bring them to the toilet has had a profoundly detrimental impact on my day-to-day life. Nothing like a Wednesday puzzle when dropping a deuce. I still have the Friday Wall Street Journal puzzle, but there are four other days in the week!

Stupid network security.

Marlin said...

Timbo - The Washington Post crossword works well in a pinch as long as it does not bring back scarring memories of the z-man wandering the third floor in his boxers smoking and scratching his ass.

Whitney said...

Enjoying the "Z-man" usage -- Greg's "Z-Man and the Teej as an awesome morning zoo radio show" was my favorite comment of November.

TJ said...

It will be much like this...

Whitney said...

But you guys will be on 96.9, right?

TJ said...

Yes. From 6-9am each day.

zoltan said...

I believe Reynolds and Bartholomah are "Weenie and the Buttman."

Marlin said...

From the W&M mascot search folks. . .

The talented folks at a Dallas-based company called Torch Creative are currently preparing pen and ink drawings of five finalist mascot concepts. We will reveal the final five here for your feedback before December 15.

Here are samples of their work. . . color me unimpressed.


zoltan said...

The target audience is toolish bumpkins from VA not greaseballs from LI.

Whitney said...

It's very graphic novel-y. I guess we're going away from anything muppet-ish.

Whitney said...

Toolish bumpkins from VA? Hey!

Hey, did the Tribe game this weekend promptly sell out? And will it be on the picture box?

Marlin said...

"Weenie and the Buttman" is a genius concept. The cross-demographic appeal is amazing. The slackjawed yokels with ball sack trailer hitches on their gun racked trucks and wine swilling suburban deviants finaly have something they can agree on.

zoltan said...


1. Morton was far and away the worst academic building on campus - physically, geographically, and academically (i.e., subject matter taught therein).

2. I call bullschtein on clogging the toilet in the suite. It was uncloggable.

3. Many former 3rd floor denizens are still pissed at me for doing their crossword puzzles while they were busy attending classes. Please don't bring this sore subject up, lest I find myself jammed in a port-a-potty at Giants Stadium this weekend.

zoltan said...

Think back to the time you spent in the Burg. Think about the people on your freshman hall. The people you saw every day in class. In the caf. Across the street at Units F and G.

They were predominantly toolish bumpkins from VA.

Whitney said...

Z-Man, if that Morton comment is a potshot about the viability of Sociology as a real major, you can take your "science" and get the hell out of here.

zoltan said...

I took a class in each of government, economics, and sociology. All three were held in Morton. All three were terrible. Morton is dead to me.

Whitney said...

William & Mary didn't have all of these concentrations you see the "student-athletes" with on GameDay. Hell, we didn't even have your fancy-boy majors like Journalism or Communications. Ah, but we had Medieval Studies.

Marlin said...

My favorite GameDay major is "Hospitality". In essence, it is nothing more than a glorified version of the Sally Struthers mail order degree in "Hotel/Motel Management".

zoltan said...

Shaq has a degree in General Studies from LSU. Strong degree. I also like Family Studies.

Whitney said...

TV/VCR Repair is available at Florida, right?

And here's Sally Struthers to tell you more.

Camera adds 10 pounds, but Sally filmed it in the UK where it adds 10 stone.

TJ said...

You two want to join us on Dave's new post, perhaps?

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