Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Quick Thoughts While Waiting for the Immodium to Kick In

Some quick thoughts on food, drink, traps and other inane items after a long weekend in Chicago with the family to visit DB, official friend of G:TB:

1) Wrigley Field is an absolutely fantastic place to watch a ballgame. I enjoyed my first Old Style draft beer there on Sunday....as well as my second, third, fourth and fifth. And some Budweiser. I also threw down a brat with onions, an Italian sausage with all the fixings and a sweet cheesy Italian beef sausage (similar to the sandwich above, if you added sweet peppers and a mighty dollop of cheese). For dinner, I added a few sushi rolls and more yellow American beer. Let's just say that I pushed the toilet handle a few times on Monday. But good times all the way around.

2) I liked the "Go Cubs Go" song more than I would've thought. They played it at the end of the game. Maybe it was the gallon of cheap beer, but it was a good time to stand and sing with 35,000 other people (Note: It was definitely the gallon of cheap beer).

3) If you want to know how many beers you need to drink before you think it's a great idea to buy a Fukudome shirt, the answer is "a whole lot."

4) Struggling with an overtired 1 year-old on a flight who refuses to sleep in your lap is not good times. Not for me, not for the guy next to me who got kicked in the ribs, and not for the Filipino woman in front of me who had the top of her head smacked. Twice. It's amazing the power a 1 year-old can generate with a downward swinging open hand gesture.

5) I get the sense that Michelle Obama could pick up a pair of 90 lb. dumbbells and rip off a set of 25 shrugs without a grimace. A striking, intelligent woman she is, but one with abnormally strong traps. That's all I could think about during the parts of her speech I watched. I kept ratcheting up the weight in my head that I bet she could shrug when she has her "Shoulder Day" workout.

6) Anthony Davis, Rutgers' new left tackle, is the second coming of Michael Oher. I guess that makes him the third coming of Orlando Pace. Or Jonathan Ogden. Or the fourth coming of Anthony Munoz. Something like that. But the guy's good. And Rutgers will be better than people think this year in the Big East.


Zoltan said...

Has HAR been working out with Michelle Obama?

Mark said...

So what you're saying is Anthony Davis can't read...right?

As for Orlando Pace, he was on the cruise that I went on with my family earlier this summer. I have no idea how he fit comfortably in even the largest of cruise ship cabins or showers but he's a hell of a nice guy. Seems like he can read though so he's probably disqualified from the Michael Oher comparisons.