Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ceai: Olympic Version

Checking in from Beijing (Fairfax, actually) with an update on our brothers and sisters from Romania. Gheorghe’s countryfolk are even with Michael Phelps (more like <, but who’s counting) at the time of this post, collecting a total of 8 medals (4 golds, 1 silver, and 3 bronzes).

Gymnast Sandra Isbaza broke the heart of America’s darlings by winning gold in the floor exercise, despite being scared of tennis rackets and swords. Meanwhile, Viorica Susana and Georgeta (her name appears to be missing a few ‘h’s) Andrunache struck metal in the women’s pair rowing event. Alina Alexandra Dumitru won the women’s extra lightweight 2% non-fat judo competition, and as a door prize, will receive a free rhinoplasty. Finally, and not to be overlooked, Constantina Tomescu, a 38 year-old mother, won the marathon. Bad mothershutyourmouth.

Oh, and in semi-related news, the U.S. Softball team lost to Chaminade, er, Japan in the gold medal game. First the clever little Nipponese win the World Baseball Classic, now they’ve vanquished Jenny Finch (Cat Osterman, really). What’s next, Toyota will be the world’s leading carmaker? Mrs. Fields’ Apple Pies will be replaced by Sara Li?


rob said...

gene upshaw. whoa.

Rhymenocerous said...

There are a lot of people out there who aren't too upset he's passed.

Not saying it's right or wrong, but it's true.

He must've hid the diagnosis. Pancreatic cancer is pretty deadly.

mayhugh said...

They're reporting he didn't know he had it until last Sunday.

Swayze's pretty much the only guy tough enough to overcome it.

rob said...

jacques rogge on usain bolt's celebrations, "that’s not the way we perceive being a champion. you don’t do that."

hey, how 'bout you worry about your own corrupt, sleazy house before condemning another's, mmmkay. slimy belgian bastard.

TJ said...

I just watched the last hour of that womens soccer final, and I must say, that was some damn exciting futballing.

TJ said...

Isn't "holding on to the baton" a vital part of relay races?