Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Apologies in Advance

I just saw my first Usain Bolt > Michael Phelps headline. Are we so bereft of original thought as a blogosphere and a society, and so slavishly devoted to faux controversy that we can’t do better than this? Usain Bolt is a thunderclap, a freakishly talented athlete who will likely redefine our notion of the possible. And, oh, by the way, so is Michael Phelps. Tiger Woods, too, and LeBron James. Can we add them to the >>> circlejerk, too?

Sometimes, instead of posing unanswerable questions and drawing absurdist lines in the sand of athletic accomplishment to get more pageviews, maybe we should just stand back and say, “Holy Shit. That dude’s awesome. I’m really glad I got to watch that.”

/crotchety old codger rant


TJ said...

Damn it rob, there were already enough searches for "circle jerk blog" that lead people here...

rob said...

got to know our audience, teej. i'm just giving the people what they want. old, miserable dudes ranting about the kids and their newfangled blogs.