Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Think the Answer is Obvious

New blogger Te-Nehisi Coates asks an important and serious question today: Who will speak for the white people? Billy Dee Williams has been tabbed as the "Black spokesman", but inexplicably, the Caucasian post remains unfilled. I think we've got a remedy. And I think you know where I'm going.

Now more than ever we need a uniter, someone who is able to get beyond the divisions and failed policies of the past (that whole Al Jolson thing, for example. Our bad.). Today's global society cries out for someone with bonafide honky credentials but a demonstrated record of love and understanding of people of all races and creeds. We need a man devoid of insecurity and a need for self-gratification at the expense of others, a man whose very existence bespeaks inclusion, understanding, and a lack of self-seriousness in a world dominated by the opposite end of the spectrum.

It's time, friends, for us to acknowledge the plain truth that's been hiding right in front of us these many years. It's time for the pale-skinned to extend a hand of love and silliness to our brethren around the nation and the globe, to embrace our own inner doofus and laugh along with those we may not understand. In short, then, it's time for Gheorghe.

(If that picture doesn't convince you of Gheorghe's connection to the whitest amongst us, then I'm afraid you'll never be convinced.)

Oh, and before we move on too quickly, I'd like to genuflect to the awesome that is Mark's knowledge of basketball. GTB clearly leads the internet in heavily tattooed hoops savants.


TJ said...

Just make sure he hires this guy as a helper.

rob said...

really, any excuse to get gheorghe into a post suffices.

jerome.nagy said...

Who is the gay guy next to Gheorge?

TJ said...


Mark said...

Thanks Rob...(blushing)