Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo

A few weeks ago Rob promoted the new Old 97's album, Blame It On Gravity. While I cannot officially endorse the record at this time, since it has yet to grow on me, I can and will insist you make your way to one of their shows this summer. In addition to the dates on the poster above, there are a series of dates to shows listed below, many of which coincide with G:TB's largely east coast fan base.

I have Richmond tickets (presale via the official website), and I'm investigating the possibility of making other dates. Based on my recent performances at local social engagements lately, that's a whole sideshow to any of these concerts. Just last Friday I heard a couple more new stories about my behavior at the Spoon show in April. Blacking out on Bermudian rum -- it's the gift that keeps on giving.

June 26 Waterfest Concert Series Oshkosh, WI
June 28 Summerfest Milwaukee, WI
July 18, 7pm Floore Country Store Helotes, TX
July 19, 8pm House of Blues New Orleans, LA
July 21, 7pm Work Play Theatre Birmingham, AL
July 22, 7pm Variety Playhouse Atlanta, GA
July 23, 8pm Mercy Lounge Nashville, TN
July 24, 8pm The Orange Peel Asheville, NC
July 25, 8pm The Visulite Theatre Charlotte, NC
July 26, 2pm Downtown Live at Moore Square Park Raleigh, NC
July 27, 7:30pm Toad's Place Richmond, VA
July 29, 7pm 9:30 Club Washington, DC
July 30, 7pm The Trocadero Theatre Philadelphia, PA
July 31, 8pm Bottle & Cork Dewey Beach, DE
Aug 1, 6pm Webster Hall New York, NY
Aug 2, 8pm The Wellfleet Beachcomber Wellfleet, MA


rob said...

son of a bitch. i'm out of town when they come to dc. bastards.

Whitney said...

Let me guess. You're up in Cape Cod when they're in DC and you're back home when they're in Wellfleet. Sounds like someone didn't plan their vacation right.

Looks like a road trip is in order for you. Pick a place, we'll work it out.

rob said...

no, i'll still be on the cape for the wellfleet show, but i've got no babysitting options. might be time for the girls' first rock show. second, i guess, if you count the time they saw they might be giants.

Zoltan said...

Speaking of music and Caribbean rum, you should go buy the compilation "Cargo Cult - Grand Bahama Goombay." At the very least, those of you with daughters should download the cautionary song titled "Don't Touch That Thing."

KQ said...

Having lived for a couple of years in Rehoboth Beach (and therefore having spent way too much time in Dewey Beach) I would suggest a road trip to the late July show at the Fondle and Pork, uh, I mean Bottle and Cork. You can re-live your college days, you know, get all dressed up in your "hook up outfit", get sloppy drunk on cheap canned beer, try to hook up with some young co-ed who is so intoxicated she a) makes out with you on the dance floor, b) momentarily considers going home with you, and then c) vomits in the bathroom. glory days. PS - why don't you ask Tara about HER visit with me to Dewey Beach.

rob said...

tara, do tell.

and kq, please tell our readers how one lives at the beach gainfully for what appears to be most of one's adult life.

finally, i'll be on vacation during the bottle & cork show, and miss that one, too. i'm well and truly fucked for this year's east coast tour.

Shlara said...

KQ--thanks for throwing me under the bus. The G:TB boys who know me from college think I'm prim & proper and you've now totally blown my cover. All I'm going to say is that I went to visit KQ numerous times in DE, and there was only ONE time when I got a little out of control. I think it had something to do with the 14 G&T's I consumed that night. Typical Dewey night: dancing, shouting, drunk dialing, yadda yadda yadda. Woke up on Sunday morning on the bathroom floor with KQ's two girls peering down on me, wondering why I was that particular shade of green....good times.

KQ said...

Good times indeed, Tara. You'll be glad to know you were neither the first nor the last to end up on said bathroom floor (including yours truly). So there. We're all under the short bus to rehab together. BTW - you'll be glad to know I'm doing a fine job of screwing up my kids with regard to alcohol consumption: when asking Ally what the pink and orange stripes on her new bathing suit reminded her of, instead of saying our store logo as I hoped she might, her response was "margaritas?" To which I replied, "no dear. mommy drinks GREEN margaritas."

Um...Rob, to answer your question: I have no idea how one might live at the beach gainfully. Our secret is to incur mind-blowing debt and lowering our standards. Seems to be working so far!

rob said...

tara just described something whitney likes to call 'friday night'.