Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ceai Complet: Greatest. Video. Ever.

It looks like the crack staff at Whitneypedia HQ missed this all-time classic when drafting their "USA for Africa/Live Aid" post:


Whitney said...

Wow. I am entranced.

What an oversight by the Whitneypedia quality assurance personnel. Someone's getting turned over my kneee for that one.

TJ said...

That is some excellent dedication to the craft. Who do you like better, faux Lionel or faux Tina?

Whitney said...

Faux Cyndi is sexy, and faux Bruce seems pretty cool. Faux Stevie, on the other hand, gives me the creeps -- and I think he is played by the same guy who was Peter Cetera in Yacht Rock.

TJ said...

Where's the Mexican Navy when you really need it:

ZIHUATANEJO, Mexico (AP) - No one could even remember a shark attack along this resort-studded stretch of Mexican coast popular with surfers and Hollywood's elite. Many of the large predators had been pulled from the ocean by fishermen.

So when sharks attacked three surfers in less than a month, two fatally, it was unthinkable.

rob said...

pj brown is being persecuted.