Monday, January 26, 2009

It's just another manic Monday

I wish it was Sunday
'Cause that's my funday
My I don't have to runday...

This week's list of ghoogles, much like Slider's johnson, is long but distinguished:
  • ain't got shit
  • kenya kilgore
  • gheorghe
  • friday you ain't got no shit to do
  • howard swint's wv blog
  • sandra scream
  • lots of games for £5 .00
  • john staluppi, felon
  • lance armstrong
  • Danilo Galinari
  • ogie oglethorpe jersey
  • tiny zeus
  • bucking for a promotion pederast hanrahan
  • its friday, you aint got no job, aint got shit to do sounds
  • chandy drink
  • its friday you got no job you aint got shit to do
  • movie It's Friday I aint got a job. I aint got shit to do
  • gerald brown + charlottesville
  • you ask me if a got a god complex let me tell you something
  • moving violations movie bowling ball
  • pepto bismol biz markee
  • making fuck berzerker
  • it's friday and you aint got shit else to do
  • name of blonde guy in real genius
  • pauper to a pawn
  • jodeci
  • Gheorghe Stefanov blog
  • if i don't win the lottery ill kill myself
  • new york times misprint, wisconsin "may 24, 2007"
  • Trade Daniel lottery luxury villa
  • Donald Marcari ambulance
  • bound and gagged baby sitter
  • gheorghe blog
  • hakeem nix stats
  • edict for sending out invitations for a destination wedding
  • Darryl Greene teaneck
  • christmas eve in washington
  • i won the lottery blog
  • if your not a steeler fan you ain't shit
  • jodeci
  • its friday...we aint got shit to do
  • jj hardy girlfriend
  • entire cast roster for teen wolf
  • "Booty time, booty time across the U.S.A." It's booty time, booty time
  • making fuck
  • rob fuck
  • i'm back like cooked crack shirt
  • who sings come to build a fire
  • corporate accounts speaking just a moment
  • Georgia State University Fight Song Panther Pride Georgia State
  • fatal reunion erika kills
  • fuck rob
  • tom hammonds dunk youtube
  • acl jokes
  • Jodeci Blog
  • ralph wiley on Steven Segal
  • hail-fellow-well-met
  • girls from jmu basketball 2003 to 2007
  • gheorge the blog
  • circle jerk blogs
  • keith hernandez is a terrible commentator
  • youraveragejimmy
  • eddie money cheesy
  • dewon brazelton wife
  • ricardo rincon sued 2003
  • coconut banger ball
  • gheorghe blog


rob said...

a lot of people there got more than they bargained for. except the 'fuck rob' guy.

rob said...

and by 'more', i of course mean 'less'.

TJ said...

Steve Nash, meet Josh Smith's groin:

Rhymenocerous said...

I'm glad that when people search for the lyrics to a fictitious song sung by a character played by Ed O'Neill in The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, they find us.

The Diceman Cometh. Indeed.

TJ said...

That song, and film, are fantastic.

mayhugh said...

Seems also that a lot of people on the internet struggle with the exact phrasing of the Friday line.

rob said...

how did that drivin n' cryin artist request bring someone here?

zoltan said...

I suspect the apostrophe police and the grammar gestapo were searching for offenders with this one:

if your not a steeler fan you ain't shit

Greg said...

It's the Coconut Banger's Ball~!