Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dropping Science

As the great rabbi Hillel the Elder was wont to say, "And if not now, when?". While he was speaking in a more Talmudic sense, his rhetorical philosophizing suits my purposes just fine this afternoon, reduced as I am to gimmickry in chronicling the William & Mary Tribe. (Also, I'm really looking forward to the Ghoogles involving highly confused rabbinical scholars and a handful of perplexed Palestinians.)

W&M's in the throes of an exasperating season, made all the more so after last year's (seemingly) one shining moment. The Tribe's current 5-game skid has them at 6-13, good for last place in the CAA with a 1-8 conference mark. As Michael Litos has noted, they can't score and they can't keep opponents from scoring, despite a disciplined approach and unquestionable desire. Ken Pomeroy tells us that the Tribe is 264th in the country in offensive efficiency and 182nd in defensive efficiency. The signs, they are bleak.

But in the next four days, hope's undying embers cast their warmth on Tribe, um, Nation. First Towson (tonight) and then Georgia State (Saturday) come to Williamsburg in a bottom-feeder invitational Tom Yeager would just as soon ignore. KenPom gives W&M better than 70% chances of victory in both games, and with only one more really good chance of sneaking out of the conference's cellar before the season ends, Tony Shaver's boys must make hay this week.

For if not, the Tribe will take its season's description from a very different set of Jewish scholars, Mike D, MCA, and Ad Rock, who proclaimed things to be "even more over than the mayor Ed Koch".


zoltan said...

W&M hoops is some old bullshit.

zoltan said...

And I'm appalled that the Beasties weren't one of my choices for house band.

Mark said...

Good point Jimmy. Their versatility is underrated.

TJ said...

No Sleep 'Til Croaker

Mark said...

Since I've been giving my opinion where it hasn't been asked for all day long, I'll continue to do so.

Wake beats Duke at home tonight but not b/c of Jeff Teague (who Nolan Smith will neutralize to a degree) or home court advantage. Wake (unlike most teams) has players who match up exceedingly well defensively on both of Duke's mismatches, Kyle Singler and Gerald Henderson.

James Johnson is every bit as athletic as Singler and he's bigger as well, look for Singler to struggle to get much going inside and be bothered by Johnson's length (yeah, I said it) on the perimeter. Al Farouq-Aminu is the better, long athlete in the matchup between he and Henderson. If Henderson isn't hitting his jumper, he'll struggle to finish over the 6'9" freshman in the lane.

Mark said...

I'll never ever understand why someone would chose to wear a t-shirt under their basketball jersey.

Also, Nova-Pitt on ESPNU is a nice 2nd tv game.

Mark said...

Even Sam Cassell thinks Farouq-Aminu is ugly but he's also one big, athletic son of a bitch. Not a bad trade long term.