Friday, January 29, 2010

Gheorghe Grab Bag

Let's start this Friday off right, with a few entertaining ghoogle searches that have led folks to G:TB in recent days/weeks. It appears the gents over at the Wheelhome might have something to tell us...
  • "it all runs together" french horn
  • pictures
  • super scintillating sensational
  • have you heard of the lonesome looser meaning
  • coen brothers reference in superbad
  • "village people cloning step children"
  • axel rose tent stage cocaine
  • "this is the strangest dinner invite ever"
  • john staluppi biography
  • coors light cakes
  • nkotb5 license plate
  • mike love hated pet sounds
  • free gilbert
  • General Mills' All-Star baseball (starring Trix Rabbit and his friends playing baseball against Major League teams and stars)
  • you guys playing cards
  • how tall is dru joyce iii
  • zodiac mindwarp
  • 'brett favre hemorrhoids'
  • 2 flights jimmy the greek was going to take that crashed
  • bangkok whores
  • cameltoe in mitch gaylords infomercial
  • cousins fucking cousins
  • doing pushups and drinking beer
  • major league entertainment double homicide blogspot
  • mike frensley's new album released in december 2009
  • paste magazine we have heard the future of rock and its named 7 mary 3
  • richmond squirrels hiree
  • tattoos + tequila worms
  • which college is better known outside of virginia william and mary or uva
  • wnba ""butt slapping""
Moving on, you might have caught the news that FOGTB and prolific gambler Michael Jack is headed to Nueva Jersey soon. What you might not know is why he's going. As it turns out, our boy MJ is the world's foremost expert on wood. Seriously...look, at how good he is at his job:

TR, I need to apologize. I am 100% certain I know why our Jets lost to the Colts this weekend. Yes, that is our cat. No, I did not dress him up. But yes, he is the reason the Jets lost. I am sure of it.

And just because...


zoltan said...

I can't wait for TJ to explain his unifying theory of everything. Or even his unifying theory of this post.

TJ said...

That's why it's called a grab bag numnuts.

Dave said...

wow-- i was just about to leave a comment like zoltan's, when TJ reminded me that it WAS grab-bag. the post was so fragmented and eclectic it actually erased the title from my brain.

and isn't that what the internet is all about?