Monday, October 12, 2009

When Genius Strikes

I've been trying to get Whitney to take up exercise for years. I think I may have finally found an answer.


Whitney said...

So long as it has a kickstand, I may be looking into that purchase.

TR said...

By "kickstand," do you mean a piece of metal, or do you mean the girl with the bum lower leg who used to come to our parties that people called Kickstand?

Personally, I'd choose the piece of metal.

zoltan said...

That was one of the crueler, if not the cruelest, nicknames.

cgormley said...

I think "One Armed Bandit"/"Slot machine" was up there for one of the crueler nicknames.

Dan said...

i mean....seriously.
i mean....really.
i's another phrase that could have gone into friday's post.