Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Subjunctive

In honor of Movie Month, here is a . . . song. I still haven't managed to create a viral YouTube video yet, although last night I watched the episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia when Sweet D and Charlie do-- courtesy of Pathetic Girl 43 and Green Man. I love Green Man.

I'll mix metaphors here: this song is still an open book, if anyone wants to add a verse, contact me-- I think there's plenty of other countries and ethnic groups that deserve "The Subjunctive."

Listen for my super awesome tambourine playing.

The Subjunctive

Sometimes I think I could have been a pretty good Romanian--
drink the wine, drink the beer, smoke a pack of cigarettes.
Curse the sun, curse the moon, that’s the way it always is,
when you have forty years, forty years of Communists.

Ceausescu hunts the bear-- what can you do?
drink the wine, drink the beer-- my sister is a prostitute.
Curse the sun curse the moon-- that's the way it always is,
when you are born among the folds of the Carpathians.

Sometimes I think I could have been a pretty good American.
Go to work, have a beer, buy a big TV.
Watch the cable, screw my wife, take the kids to soccer camp.
Mow the lawn, stain the deck, go shop at the mall.
Order pizza, get a dog, maybe have a barbecue.
Buy a house, lease a car, wonder where the years have gone.

Sometimes I think I could have been a pretty good Canadian--
wear the took, shoot the moose, drink a Labatt's.
Build a shed on the ice, buy a lot of chicken necks.
Case of beer, all my mates, fish and relax.


Dan said...

can't find on youtube yet but yesterday's balloon boy & fam were interviewed on Today show, er eh, today. it's a can't miss and a sure to be SNL skit this wkd

TJ said...

Mayor Giuliani's kid was in the balloon?

Dan said...

no, but have you seen him on Big Break? he's all growed up.

Whitney said...

Dave, the new song sounds a lot like Gogol Bordello. (Best Song: "Wonderlust King"; Best Song Title: "Think Locally Fuck Globally")

I'll try to add a verse... and the song is a great candidate for another of your "come over, drink some beers, sing a verse" parties.

And I think they spell it "tuque." You know, they have that whole French thing going on up there.

TJ said...

Dan, here here is that Today show interview you referenced

Dan said...

excellent...thank you.
i love the build-up to the hurling, and then the brother's reaction - to see it go down/come up live was exceptional.

Dave said...

apparently, you can spell it "tuque" or "took." luckily, all i need to do is sing it. i love "gogol bordello"-- they were definitely an influence on this one, going for that eastern european sound . . .

were they on the osundtrack for "everythign is illuminated"?