Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Ghoogles, sponsored by Cinnabon

It's been awhile, so why not check the ole site meter to see what entertaining, sad, frightening, unbelievable and asinine search terms people most recently used to end up on G:TB:
  • worksuck quotes
  • randy newman blog
  • fishing blogger
  • Earv "I'll Be Right Back" Opong
  • jason collins signing prospects
  • what the fuck is a pompatus
  • worst baseball hall of fame inductees
  • pandemic vs epidemic
  • chargers punter braces
  • little yellow friend
  • fresh prince tattoo
  • AFV honorable mention song?
  • funniest minor league mascots
  • jay fiedler's girlfriend
  • green day blogspot
  • steve mcnair cinnabun
  • randy newman
  • fishing blogspot
  • real tomato ketchup
  • Gay TB videos
  • oh its on now mother fucker


TR said...

All in all, a lackluster list.

TJ said...

Earv Opong made me laugh.

And on first read I though it said "Gay TR videos"...and was a tad concerned.

Dave said...

mustache status: getting sick of it.

jock itch status: drying out and kind of scaly.

moral: bringing talcum powder to OBFT XXVII

Jerry said...

Slats must have been involved with that Fresh Prince tattoo.

Marlin said...

“Little Yellow Friend” : Was that our discussion of William Howard Taft’s Philippines policy, or Alex Carles’ rush talk for Brenton Mac?

TJ said...

That was my Cato/Clouseau reference...

Geoff said...

I believe Woo's nickname was Nuprin.

TJ said...

Excellent start for los Jankees...

rob said...

i'm pretty sure the yankees are going to win all the rest of their games.