Monday, November 17, 2008

Donovan McNabb is very anti-sister kissing

What a horrendous post title. I don't care. I just want to know if McNabb was being a wiseass or if he really did not know that NFL regular season games could end in a tie, in which case he is dumber than Brock Berlin:
"I didn't know that," said McNabb, who played a leading role in keeping it tied. "I've never been part of a tie. I never even knew it was in the rule book. I was looking forward to getting the opportunity to get out there and try to drive to win the game. But unfortunately with the rules, we settled with a tie."

It was the first tied game in the NFL since Nov. 10, 2002, when the Falcons and Steelers finished 34-34 with Michael Vick and Tommy Maddox matching each other pass for pass. In this one, the teams matched each other gaffe for gaffe.
You know, on a hunch, I decided to go look at that 2002 season, and guess what team just happened to play the Falcons in the playoffs that year? Yep, Donovan and his Eagles. You telling me McNabb saw the Falcons 9-6-1 record and thought the little "1" off to the side was a typo? What a dumbass.

That is all.


TJ said...

Man that Philly/Cincy game pissed me off. Those two franchises owe me several hours of my life back.

jerome said...

I watched bowling on ESPN 7.

TJ said...

Hey Syracuse finally canned Greg Robinson. Too bad it's about two seasons too late.

TJ said...

Uh oh:

The Securities and Exchange Commission filed insider trading charges against Mark Cuban, the outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks, for allegedly dumping shares in upon learning it was raising money in a private offering.