Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wait, I saw this movie

SHAWNEE, Kan., June 10 (UPI) -- A Shawnee, Kan., man said he evaded serious injury when a rogue nail fired from a nail gun embedded itself in his skull. George Chandler said he was building a lattice with a friend when the nail gun hose became tangled and fired off a nail, KCTV, Kansas City, Mo., reported Tuesday.

Chandler said he and his friend initially did not know where the nail had landed, but soon found the 2 and a half inch piece of hardware had gone into his skull on the top of his head. "It was just like a maybe like a sting, bite or something, you know," Chandler said. He said there was no blood around the wound and he was alert when an ambulance arrived and took him to a hospital. He said a doctor requested a very special instrument for his treatment.

"'Does anybody have a hammer, a claw hammer.' I thought he was teasing at first, but then he says, 'No. It went in like that. We can pull it out like that,'" Chandler said.

Doctors told Chandler's family that he could have faced paralysis or serious injuries to his eyesight or ability to speak if the nail had entered his skull a fraction of an inch lower.
"Well I feel very lucky, very, very lucky," Chandler said.
I'm glad Dr. Nick was so quick to think of a totally safe removal process...using a claw hammer to remove a nail FROM A SKULL. Brilliant.


TJ said...

Um, OK Jack...

Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson once threatened to set fire to the movie set of 2006 film The Departed - after director Martin Scorsese asked him to think up ideas for a scene.

The star admits that when Scorsese asked him to come up with a few suggestions for the next day's filming, his imagination ran wild and he seriously considered burning down the set in a spectacular stunt.

But Nicholson's rational side took over, and in the end he didn't go through with his idea.

He recalls, "I didn't sleep that night. Next day, I asked the prop man to get me a gun... I also asked him to get a fire extinguisher.

"That's what happens when you set me loose. I was literally planning to set the set on fire."

rob said...

this donaghy story is underrated. if there's any truth at all to his new allegations, the nba is well and truly fucked. and even if there's not, the conspiracy theorists just got another 5 years worth of material. lose-lose for mr. stern, except for the fact that he'll get $13m this year and probably doesn't really care.

Rhymenocerous said...

On the Donaghy topic, I heard that he and his attorney let this news slip now because the NBA recently decided they wanted $1 MM in damages from him for "reputational damage."

Basically, Donaghy responded to the NBA's decision to play hardball by leaking the news at the worst possible time for the NBA.

It's very hard to assess Donaghy's credibility. He hasn't been sentenced yet, so he has a lot to gain (or lose) by talking. You'd have to think he's a total fool if he starts making up lies or spreading rumors at this point.

Can anybody get Ed Rush Jr. to get Ed Rush Sr. to comment on that?

Random note - the picture of Rush Jr. in his Tribe catcher's outfit and Rush Sr. in his NBA ref suit may have been the lamest picture on the wall of College Delly. Other than the one of the tall clown in Daisy Duke shorts and a rugby shirt, of course.

Greg said...

Donaghy might not be credible, but there's too much "coincidental" evidence regarding the games he's mentioning to just ignore what he says.

Whitney said...

Heh heh . . . wait . . . that "tall clown" comment . . . hey! Those are rugby shorts, that's how they're made!

Rhymenocerous said...

"how they're made..." Likely story!

Next you're going to tell me that Coach Cary didn't know his ballbag used to hang in the breeze during practices.

rob said...

i think we can all agree that the oil painting of hightower was the lamest/strangest thing to hang on the wall of the college delly.

Whitney said...

Cary doesn't even know that the millennium came and went. He's not sure where he is right now. He wasn't sure who the five guys partying with him at the Rugby 7's tourney in San Diego were, and he personally recruited us to go out there with him.

But he's a hell of a good guy. Ball bag or no.

And yeah, the painting his wife did of Hightower was odd. You should see the nudes she did of him.

Dennis said...

I think this is taking the Head of Lattice maneuver too far.

TJ said...

The Head of Lattiace is the best finishing move since Sub-Zero's Spine Rip.

TJ said...

The Euro donkey the Knicks might draft (waste their pick) on, Danilo Gallinari, currently plays for Armani Jeans Milano. That might be the best Euro team name ever, or at least since we were all introduced to Paris Basket Racing.

TJ said...

There's something on NBC right now called Celebrity is every bit as awful as you could imagine.