Tuesday, May 26, 2015

WTF Update

"What the fuck gives you freedom. Freedom brings opportunity. Opportunity makes your future." - Miles, from Risky Business

I resolved (sort of) in January to fight against my natural inclination towards caution, deeming 2015 my Year of What the Fuck. Let's go to the video to see how I'm doing.

Rock star. Small stage.
Okay, there's no video. But here's what the next three months of my life looks like:
  • Running a conference bringing together people from across my company in a way that's never been done before. If I pull it off, I'm a rock star. On a small stage.
  • Spending Six days in Montreal checking out the Women's World Cup with my family.
  • Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.
  • Canoeing the St. Croix River in Northern Maine for five nights, and heading directly from there to:
  • Attending the 21st Annual Outer Banks Fishing Trip.
  • Running a Spartan Sprint.
  • Doing a GoRuck Tough.
I haven't made as much progress on a couple of projects I've wanted to tackle, but more often than not, I've said yes instead of maybe, when maybe always means no. As a side benefit, nearly all of these things will allow me to spend time with people I care about, and bring me closer to those people. And that's not something I really gave much thought to when I decided to stop thinking and starting doing.

What the fuck, man. Freedom.


TR said...

Kudos to quoting Booger.

If you're Joel, does that mean Whitney is Bronson Pinchot? And Dave is Curtis Armstrong?

Can I be Guido the pimp?

T.J. said...


Mark said...

Rob has a lot of vacation time.

rob said...

that, and my boss doesn't really track how much i've taken.

Dave said...

running a conference? wtf! i don't think you can put that on the list, too boring. and the airplane thing smacks of mid-life crisis. and you can't count the obft because you always do that. going to montreal is a vacation. when are you going . . . maybe i will join you. wtf!

the canoeing and exercise stuff is promising, however, but only if you sustain injuries.

TR said...

Anybody have a recommendation around Orlando's Grand Bohemian Hotel for food/drink? I will be there Wed night. Would prefer to be at the kind of place that the obese tourists in wheelchairs eating fried turkey legs (which many people have told me is a real thing) will not visit.

Mark - first couple are on me if you want to trek over, although I don't think you're all that close.

Will be a chilly 95 there. May need to bring my talc.

Danimal said...

negative tr. but if you get there and are feeling adventurous, a 15-min cab ride give or take will get you to vines grille. terrific spot, and owned by dewey tomko professional gambler.

Clarence said...

Whitney is on ORF Rock at 7pm. wodustudios.com

rob said...

fuck. is it tuesday already?

Mark said...

TR- you'll be walking distance to a good restaurant on church street called Rusty Spoon. Not touristy at all. Most of the surrounding bars/restaurants on Church are so don't be thrown off. There's also a good sushi spot across the street named Amura that's tucked in the corner.

As for bars, go to The Lodge on Orange Ave. Its a smaller locals bar. All these are walking distance from The Grand Bohemian.

I haven't been to the Cask & Larder but I've heard good things.

Mark said...

And I'm not that close, TR. About an hour southeast. Doubt ill make it midweek. The 95 will feel like 105 with the lack of breeze in that landlocked tourist trap.

TR said...

Thx Mark. That's enough to get me into a bit of trouble.

zman said...

You know you'll end up at The Clown's Pocket late night.

TR said...

This is shaping up to be an interesting Game 7 for Rangers-Lightning. Bishop's meltdown makes it more intriguing.

zman said...

Jack Sock beat Dimitrov?!! In straight sets!??