Friday, May 15, 2015

Go Ask Alice

We watched a William & Mary basketball player compete at the NBA Combine yesterday.

I'll let that sentence sit there for a minute.

For many college basketball fans, that doesn't even merit a second thought. Andrew and Aaron Harrison were in Chicago for the Combine yesterday, too, by I doubt many Kentucky fans spent much time thinking about it. But for us, this is the stuff of fantasy bizarro realms, like unicorns, or Clarence's magic liver restoratives.

Marcus Thornton recorded the fastest time amongst all players in the 3/4 court run. He registered the day's second-highest vertical leap, reaching 43". (Notre Dame's Pat Connaughton went 44" - the second highest mark ever recorded.) And he scored 10 points (on 2-5 FGs and 6-6 FTs), grabbed four rebounds and dropped two assists in five on five play, proving at the very least that he belonged on the court.

Courtesy of William and Mary Sports Blog, here's what ESPN's Fran Fraschilla had to say about Thornton (with a bonus Seth Greenberg shoutout to Tony Shaver***):

*** - Go to the link if you want to hear the comments, as it seems Facebook's video embed code doesn't play nicely with Blogger's editor.

Fraschilla's probably right: Marcus' realistic ceiling this year is a high-level European league. (Although, earlier in the day, Fran described Marcus as a potential second-round steal.) But a W&M player stood toe to toe with guys that'll be on NBA rosters. And there's no reason to think it impossible that he'll be one of them some day.

The Mad Hatter suddenly seems sane.


rob said...

pour some out for the great b.b. king. i assume lucille survived him.

rob said...

teejus, gift:!

zman said...

HD is not kind to John Mica's hairpiece.

rob said...

34% of people surveyed by espn think that michael jordan could beat lebron james in a one-on-one game. today. at 52 years of age. people are fucking idiots.

mayhugh said...

Are they playing to 1 and Jordan gets the ball first?

Mark said...

I forgot to mention this last weekend but one of our cab drivers in Brooklyn was blasting the new Action Bronson album in the cab. It was a long drive so we got to hear most of the album. Best cab driver ever.

Shlara said...

Marcus said "hi Gheorghies"

rob said...

hey to marcus.

how'd he look today?

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