Thursday, February 09, 2012

If You're Friends With G, Then You're Friends With Me

At 12:08 pm yesterday, the following missive was sent into the twitterverse:

Real Tracy Murray, UCLA Bruin, Washington Bullet/Wizard, '93-'94 NBA three-point shooting leader. Not some ersatz Tracy Murray, or a Tracy Morgan, or a Traci Lords (though that might've been interesting in its own way). And @gheorghetheblog responded as only he could, running through the early 90s Bullets roster in an extended comic riff. My personal fave:

So, really weird, but has Ashraf Amaya been calling you a ton lately? RT @RealTracyMurray @gheorghetheblog Big Gheoghe!!! What's up man???
Feb 08 via web

Team G:TB has extensive experience with NBA players, to be sure, but even we didn't expect the response we got from Murray. After a multi-tweet extravaganza that featured Don MacLean, Jim Lynam's cabbage smell, Rod Strickland's hot dog fetish, Cluj University, and Lost plot lines, real Gheorghe's former teammate gave us this:

gheorghetheblog Gheorghe The Blog
in reply to @gheorghetheblog
@gheorghetheblog @BadNewsHughes U had me crackin up with the Ashraf Amaya comment. Thats my boy but havent seen him in awhile.
Feb 08 via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply

As @gheorghetheblog later told me in an exclusive interview, Tracy Murray is a "good dude". (Contrary to what his twitter persona might lead you to believe, @gheorghetheblog is a man of few words.) Looks like we've got a new FOG:TB, one that actually happens to be a FOG, to boot.

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T.J. said...


T.J. said...

I also like how BadNewsDad randomly found himself in some of those replies.

T.J. said...

New twitter sucks.

mayhugh said...

I still have only a conceptual idea of twitter and have no idea how to interpret tweets - who said what to whom in that exchange?

So Iltwitterate...

Dave said...

i love the meta-ness of a FOG:TB also being a FOG:TP.

does this mena we can quit our jobs?

Danimal said...

i saw what i thought was a pretty amazing unc/duke stat yesterday - in the 75 games prior to last night's, the difference in points scored was one...something like unc 5878 to duke's 5877. that's crazy insane.

T.J. said...

Mayhugh, that is real life Tracy Murray, who you might remember from his UCLA days (played alongside Don Maclean). He was also a Bullet and teammate of Gheorghe's

Out of nowhere he tweeted at me, thinking I was real-life Gheorghe. I had a field day replying to him.
But the dud was a tremendous sports about it.

T.J. said...

Some highlights:

Glendora High Football Rules! RT @RealTracyMurray @gheorghetheblog Big Gheoghe!!! What's up man???

Coach Lynam was the worst. Smelled like cabbage. Ironic, right? RT @RealTracyMurray @gheorghetheblog Big Gheoghe!!! What's up man???

You ever beat Rod in one of those hotdog eating contests? RT @RealTracyMurray @gheorghetheblog Big Gheoghe!!! What's up man???

You talk to Don MacLean lately? #AmericanPieTweets RT @RealTracyMurray @gheorghetheblog Big Gheoghe!!! What's up man???

Still can't believe Cal Cheaney made more than us RT @RealTracyMurray @gheorghetheblog Big Gheoghe!!! What's up man???

T.J. said...

To danimal's point:

Over the last 76 college games between the teams, Duke has scored 5943 points, North Carolina 5941 points.[via ESPN]

Mark said...

Yesterday was awesome.

And it wasn't really all that random that I ended up included in Murray's response tweets. You see, I had tweeted out something to the effect of 'I'm giddy that RealTracyMurray mistook @GheorgheTheBlog for Gheorghe Muresan'. Tracy thought this was all very funny too and that's when he sent his initial reply back to me and you, Teej. If the Zman & the Teej ever have a falling out, i think i'm the natural pick to take Zman's spot on air.

Mark said...

I'm working an event at a WW2 airplane museum today. The event started with the presentation of colors & the pledge of allegiance. One problem: somebody forgot to turn the radio/PA off beforehand. So we ended up pledging or allegiance with "Loving You" playing (loudly) in the background. Not sure if it made anybody else laugh, but I was dying.

T.J. said...

Mark, I can't believe you hate that LL Cool J tune...though if it was played on an endless loop by college chicks I can see the reasoning.

Igor said...

The Teej, what are you talking about?

T.J. said...

The woeful Wizards.