Monday, February 06, 2012

Mixtape Redux

I recently unveiled a bangin' old school hiphop mixtape as requested by Dave's friend Connell. Upon further review, I may have misunderstood the assignment. I think he asked for a playlist of old school bangin' hiphop, which is an entirely different curational undertaking.

Here's a playlist of songs about bangin'. Most are hiphop, all have an old school vibe. None are particularly safe for work.

Track 1
Track 2 (This one's for Mark.)
Track 3
Track 4 (Girls in NJ circa 1992 liked this song. Girls in VA circa 1993, not so much.)
Track 5 (I couldn't find this on yootoob, hopefully this doesn't screw things up.)
Track 6
Track 7 (This is more of a love song but it makes the cut as a prelude to Track 8.)
Track 8 (Completely NSFW. This hood.)
Track 9
Track 10
Track 11 (The official video so too bleeped out to be understandable.)
Track 12
Track 13 (Everyone at W&M mocked me for loving this album but c'mon, tell me this isn't dope as hell. Not even you staid rhythmless DMB-loving Virginians can resist this jam. I bet you're wiggling your hips right now. Like this:

This project was harder than I thought it would be, as bangin' is a very popular topic in hiphop music. I could have made a playlist based entirely on, for example, sex-related De La Soul songs. Instead I diversified things to expand your horizons.

You can throw any of these songs on during a drunken late-night event (assuming you still attend them) and really get the freaky deaky started. Email me for a link to Spotify.


TR said...

I can't dig into this list from work, but I really hope Freaks of the Industry is on here.

TR said...

Ha ha ha (SFW):

zman said...

There are two glaring omissions because I couldn't Spotify them: Gangster of Love (I have it on CD but not in iTunes and I was too lazy to import it) and Put It In Your Mouth (which I don't have on CD or MP3).

mayhugh said...

I treat a ----- like a queen. But she has to realize I'm the ------- king.

TR said...

My sophomore year in high school (the last year I rode the bus), there was a guy who was a vocational student for auto body work who was on my bus. He would bring a boombox and sometimes play 2 Live Crew pretty loud. There was a trashy girl who used to sit behind me on the bus who would sing along to the chorus of "So Horny". Let's just say that I would take an extra minute before exiting the bus those days.

#newjersey # publicschool #1989

T.J. said...

Fuck yeah this is good.

What is Spotify again?

rob said...

my wife's high school friend won a cool $1m - his was the doritos commercial with the great dane covering up the dead cat crime from the super bowl commercial contest.

Mark said...

Nice work, Z. Put in your mouth has to be one there. And you could even include the not nearly as good follow up 'Fuck you for Free'. I winder what Akinelye is up to these days.

Email me a link to you spottily account, please.

rob said...

jeremy lin has 52 points and 15 assists in his last two games

rob said...

sorry, 53 points and 15 assists. sneaky bastard tossed in a garbage time free throw. don't tell pete hoekstra.