Monday, February 27, 2012

CAA Conference Tourney Morning Filler

I was trying to dig up video of Nick Nolte's ridiculous Red carpet interview on ABC last night, but I am failing miserably, so in the meantime I pasted below the bracket and schedule for the upcoming CAA tournament, which begins Friday in Richmond. The key game for us of course is the Tribe's matchup with Northeaster, at 6pm pm on Friday. The boys of Shaver win that one, and I for one (as a futile superfan) absolutely think they'll put a scare into VCU. Hell, they almost beat them once this year, why not do it in style in the tourney.

First Round, Friday, March 2: 
Noon: (8) James Madison Dukes vs. (9) UNC-Wilmington Seahawks
2:30 p.m.: (5) Delaware Blue Hens vs. (12) Towson Tigers
6 p.m.: (7) Northeastern Huskies vs. (10) William & Mary Tribe 
8:30 p.m.: (6) Georgia St. Panthers vs. (11) Hofstra Pride

Second Round, Saturday, March 3: 
Noon: (Winner James Madison/UNC-Wilmington) vs. (1) Drexel Dragons
2:30 p.m.: (Winner Delaware/Towson) vs. (4) Old Dominion Monarchs
6 p.m.: (Winner Northeastern/William & Mary) vs. (2) Va. Commonwealth Rams
8:30 p.m.: (Winner Georgia St./Hofstra) vs. (3) George Mason Patriots

Semifinals, Sunday, March 4: 
2 p.m.: Winner of Sat.'s early games
4:30 p.m.: Winner of Sat.'s late games

Finals, Monday, March 5: 
7 p.m.: Semifinals winners

I might have some upcoming news on the Finals game later in the week. In the meantime, start prepping for GherogheFest folks, it's just six days away.


rob said...

little known fact: northeastern has never beaten the wrens in the commonwealth of virginia. aaaaand, jinx.

i will be making a day of it on friday, heading to richmond in the morning for breakfast with mgl and then watching the first session and the tribe game. anyone is welcome to join me for any and all of the hoops smorgasbord.

also planning to head to the final on monday with the doofus overlord.

T.J. said...

Yes, your overlord will be on press row Monday night. Bizarre.

zman said...


rob said...

apologies for the lack of 'this fortnight in gtb' on friday. appears i accidentally erased the content i'd begun to curate. drinking and blogging, what's up with that?

T.J. said...


Igor said...

Questions for our CAA-minded peeps (including MGL if he stops by):

1. What's the latest consensus on multiple bids for the CAA?

2. Which school hast the best shot to make some noise in the dance?

3. This is the worst Tribe season since the Chuck Swenson era, right? (I know, there's still the tourney, but I'm not holding out much hope.) Is Tony Shaver in trouble and/or ready to jettison out of this morass?

4. Do you know what it's like to fall in the mud and get kicked... in the head... with an iron boot? Of course you don't, no one does. It never happens. Sorry, guys, that's a dumb question... skip that.

5. What are the chances I can watch the Friday night game on the tube?

T.J. said...

1. Two bids. Even bigtyme media donks like Seth Davis concur.

2. Both Drexel and VCU can win multiple games.

3. The Tribe's injuries absolutely Oz'd their season. They are playing better right now, actually, and can not only beat Northeastern but scare VCU on Day 2. Shaver is 100% fine.

4. Striker, listen, and you listen close: flying a plane is no different than riding a bicycle, just a lot harder to put baseball cards in the spokes.

5. TV sked:

rob said...

1. no consensus, but vcu and drexel at least have at-large shots. both really need to make the final.

2. both vcu and drexel would be formidable opponents - either could make the sweet 16 given good matchups. vcu plays incredible defense and is deep with talent. drexel has a great shooter, top-flight point guard, and talented bigs with sick interior passing skills.

3. worst season since swenson in terms of record, but shaver's the best coach in school history and w&m knows how hard it is to win at w&m. shaver gets a chance to grow thornton.

4. you know the answer to this.

5. you can stream friday's game at

zman said...

Did someone restyle the comments section?

T.J. said...

WTF just happened to blogger?

Squeaky said...

I'll admit the new 5 questions thing threw me for a loop but I quickly got over it.

TR said...

Glad to hear you're back on track, Squeaky. We were all worried about you.

rob said...

file this away for when the echoes of roundballs on gym floors fade away: tribe football @ maryland on 9/1/2012.

Dave said...

how do i go about "prepping"? must i learn romanian?

Jerry said...

That's a real opportunity. Maryland football is in a world of crap right now.

Igor said...

Dave, the pledge marshal that molded you into the fraternity man you became went on to marry a Romanian gal, so perhaps he can teach us.

Shlara said...

Wait, so the Caps didn't do ANYTHING today before the deadline???

TR said...

That Maryland game is indeed intriguing, especially considering my wife is a Terp alum. And I'm pretty sure traffice will be a non-issue on the Saturday morning of Labor Day weekend.

Igor said...

Is traffice what you get when the road freezes over?

rob said...

gar heard's kid, all in the game:

rob said...

blogger is different! i don't like it! change is scary!

zman said...

I described Gheorghefest to a few people and every time I got to the good part every one of the got this look on their faces that's a mix of awe, surprise, elation, and approval.

zman said...

And by "the good part" I mean the part where TR re-enacts his pledge auction routine.

rob said...

second lap wreck takes out danica and jimmy johnson. nascar exec nightmare fuel.

T.J. said...

Randy Edsall just banned Jerry from this weekend's GheorgheFest for that comment.

rob said...

montoya ran into the jet dryer truck? didn't see that coming.