Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This Week in Wrenball: Skeeeeee

And to think, we passed up an opportunity to join Shlara at a United Skeeball D.C. tournament on Friday. If it's all the same with you, we're just gonna move on.

The Wrens (19-8, 11-5) host Towson on Wednesday before heading to Wilmington to close their season against UNCW on Saturday. The calculus is simple - in fact, it's really only addition and subtraction. W&M controls its destiny in terms of securing a first-round conference tournament bye. Two wins and Tony Shaver's team completes a supremely unlikely run to a third-place regular season finish (even better if Northeastern drops its final two). One win clinches no worse than the fourth seed (he writes, thinking it to be so without confirming it - you can keep your fancy "journalism", with all your "fact checking" and "research", thankyouverymuch).

Let's be frank. Towson and UNCW stink on ice. The Wrens should run both of them out of the gym. 'Course, UNCW's already beaten W&M at home. And the Tribe has a habit of not running anyone out of the gym. So it looks like we'll grab on with both hands, grip hard, watch our fingers turn white, and hope.

Not for nothing, but having a reason to hope this late in the season is as fun as it is unexpected.

[Rob allowed me to add this cip after I pointed out to him how well it went with this post. He was apparently unaware of this artist and/or song. For shame robert. For shame.]


TJ said...

Excuse me...you couldn't have used this video?

rob said...

point of clarification: i am, in fact, aware of the artist in question. however, i confess that my knowledge of this 'rap' genre is far inferior that of the kids on team g:tb and that mr. lo's work was definitely not top of mind when i prepared this post. opportunity missed, as i could have made some hay with the 'wish i was taller' line.

TR said...

Nothing dates a hip hop video like a pager reference. I loved this tune.