Monday, February 08, 2010

This was my Super Bowl Weekend

I know I should not complain, as I could have AIDS and live in Haiti, but this was me over the weekend . . . and it's safe for work.

Truth be told, it was slightly worse than a cold-- it was diagnosed as strep throat, and once I got some antibiotics in me, I felt much better-- but while I was waiting for them to work, I missed two parties and had to watch my wife leave Saturday night, all dressed up and looking good, on her way to the big surprise party that the whole town was attending. She didn't get home until three A.M. She said the party was awesome.

And, of course, I missed my friend's Super Bowl Party last night. But I was healthy as a horse last Saturday night, and so got to accompany my son Alex to see Charles Ross and his One Man Star Wars. Why couldn't I have been sick for that?

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