Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Opposite of Ghostface Fillah

Remember my Ghostface Fillah post with Ed Lover and the Obama sneakers? This is the opposite of that.


Whitney said...

We're white guys
We don't take no crap
When we deliver our
white rap

I like your shirt
I like your tie
I like your wife
Just kidding, guy

Dan said...

sorry to bring up see ya laettner again, but just talked to my wife on the phone, for the 4th time no less today and said, "you probably don't remember him (cuz she's a tad bit younger), but i sat next to christian laettner today at breffess..." her response: yeah i remember him! he's the gay guy that played at duke right?"

TR said...

Did Laettner steal Brandon Walsh's hair, or was it the other way around?