Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bite Me, Randy Newman - All Comers Version

Because even though the song's about short people, we all know Randy hates non-conformity of any stripe.

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (AP)—UNC Asheville’s Kenny George, at 7-foot-7 the nation’s tallest college basketball player, might not play this season because of a foot injury.

George had two surgical procedures on an infected right foot and remains in a Chicago hospital, the school said. The senior is not expected to return to school this semester.

Coach Eddie Biedenbach said George first felt discomfort last month during a camp in Las Vegas. When he returned to his native Chicago, a doctor recommended immediate surgery. George was the Big South’s defensive player of the year after helping the Bulldogs win a school-record 23 games and reach the NIT last season. George averaged 12.4 points, 7.0 rebounds and 3.3 blocks.
G:TB will be wishing and hoping for brother Kenny's speedy recovery, but we'll be prepared to pour out a magnum should he be shelved.


rob said...

percy harvin feels completely healthy. mark will respond once his erection has subsided.

Mark said...

I read the interview with Percy last night and I haven't slept since. The timing couldn't be better since, and I'm not sure I've mentioned this, I fucking hate Tennessee with every fiber of my being.

Go Gators.

rob said...

tennessee lost to ucla. ucla was hammerfucked by byu. florida would beat byu by 30. by the transitive property, what florida is going to do to tennessee is illegal in 38 states and puerto rico.

Mark said...

Shutup Rob. Just shutup now.

The transitive property doesn't exist in the SEC. Especially in this rivalry and definitely not in Knoxville. God damnit, I was trying not to think too much about this game until later in the week. Thanks a lot tiny.

rob said...

are you sure you're not a red sox fan? 'cause i recognize the insanity in that response.

TJ said...

Go Home Cousin Bangers!

Zoltan said...

From my fantasy football league, posted by a guy who has no idea what G:TB is or who any of you are, in response to a guy offering up Matt Schaub for a trade:

Offered: Steaming pile of crap
Wilford, Ernest

Wheatley, Tyrone
Weinke, Chris
Biakabutuka, Tim
Warrick, Peter
Bouman, Todd

Needs: Schaub, Matt