Monday, September 29, 2008

Are you sure you arrested the right man?

I mean, come on, what Andruw Jones "did" this year for the Dodgers is much more criminal. Hell, I bet Mr. Higgins here could hit .158 in 209 ABs. He might even strike out less than the 76 whiffs Jones had in those limited ABs.
Man accused of posing as Dodger on field

LOS ANGELES (AP) - A man faces criminal charges for allegedly stealing a uniform from Dodger Stadium and posing as one of the team's players.

Ronald Higgins pleaded not guilty to several charges Friday, including burglary and trespassing.

The 47-year-old Higgins was arrested Wednesday morning after a security guard found him walking on the field in a Dodgers uniform and holding a glove with two balls. Higgins allegedly identified himself as a Dodgers player, but the guard recognized him from an earlier incident and called police.

Prosecutors say Higgins' clothes were later found in the bat boys' locker room. It was not immediately clear where he got the uniform.


Zoltan said...

If the Dodgers play the Red Sox in the World Series, Manny Ramirez gets a ring no matter who wins. A number of callers and talk-show hosts were apoplectic about this on WEEI yesterday.

Boomer Esiason also announced that no one on the Mets "has stones" except for Johan Santana. According to Boomer, Trent Edwards also "has stones." I guess Boomer has been performing physicals for the Mets and Bills of late.

Rhymenocerous said...

If you're a Raiders fan, there wasn't much awesome about the 76 yard figgie attempt. It was woefully short. A Chargers DB caught it on his own goal line and tried to return it.

The odds of that type of kick being returned for a TD seems much higher than that of a regular punt. We've seen it before with Ed Reed and Hester. You get a bunch of back-up linemen sprinting downfield to make the tackle.

But, if you're Kiffin, you're playing with house money at that point.

Rhymenocerous said...

One more thing - tremendous road win by the Skins yesterday. Completely evens the playing field in the NFC East.

I don't know how any of those teams will make it to 12 wins this year.

Rhymenocerous said...

The Associated Press, as funneled through the WWL, completely ripped off my piece on HR production dropping since the steroid era, almost verbatim, with their mention of the Crime Dog:

Here's their article today:

"Miguel Cabrera topped the American League with 37 homers, the fewest for any league champion since Fred McGriff hit 35 for San Diego to win the 1992 NL title. It was the lowest total for an AL champ since McGriff had 36 for Toronto in 1989."

Here's what I wrote on 9/18:

"We could have an AL homer champ with less than 40 HRs for the first time since Fred McGriff led the AL with 36 HRs in 1989. The Crime Dog was also the last to lead the NL in a year where nobody hit 40, hitting 35 HRs for the Padres in 1992."

Dude, if you're ripping me off, you're one sorry-ass sportswriter...