Saturday, June 01, 2013

#PantslessGriffins NCAA Baseball Previewgasm, Part 2: El Beisbol Boogaloo

HOLY SHIT, THEY DID IT. After scoring an at-large bid to the 2013 NCAA Baseball Tournament, the William and Mary Tribe defeated 23rd-ranked Ole Miss 4-2 in a first round regional game yesterday, earning the first tournament victory in school history. So, yeah, they're kind of a big deal (tho zman doesn't think so, because he's a zdick). The win also gave the team 38 victories on the year, setting a school record.

Jason Inghram (9-6) was huge on the hill for the Fightin' Tribesters, allowing just two runs and eight hits in eight innings of work, striking out three Rebels and walking one on the day. Senior lefty Matt Wainman (eventually) closed the door in the ninth, tying a Tribe record with his ninth save of the season.

The Pantsless Griffins scored all four of their runs against Ole Miss in the fifth inning, rather unconventionally I might add. To w(h)it:

That's four runs on zero hits, folks. Oh yeah - they did that all with two outs. Pretty freakin' hard to do. Anyhoo, as is the norm with Tribe sports teams, the Rebels eventually began to chip away at the 4-0 lead, and in fact had All American catcher Stuart Turner at the plate as the tying run in the bottom of the ninth with two outs before Wainman sealed the deal on the historic victory.

So, guess we need to briefly preview today's game, right? And we sure as hell aren't going to let rob write the preview, because for a guy that small he is a huge jinx. Which means you get a few more useless words from this guy.

I need to stop googling "Pantsless Griffins"
Tonight, 7pm at Doak Field, William and Mary will take on the top seed in the Raleigh Regional, N.C. State, on their home field. The Wolfpack are ranked seventh in the country entering the tournament, and probably got hosed out of being one of the top eight national seeds. (N.C. State head coach Elliott Avent certainly seems to think so)

Making matters even tougher for the Tribe, they will face N.C. State ace Carlos Rodon this evening. The All-American sophomore is 8-2 this season, and in the ACC tournament last weekend broke the single-season strikeout record (he now has 151 on the year). The Wolfpack defeated Binghamton yesterday 4-1 courtesy of home runs from Tarran Seanay and Trea Turner to set up Saturday's matchup with the Tribe. Also, if you have not seen the catch NC State's Jake Fincher made in yesterday's contest, enjoy it now.


The good news for the Pantsless Griffin faithful is the boys from the Burg will be sending their best pitcher to the hill tonight as well, in All-CAA performer John Farrell. (He is good. And stoic.) He has been discussed a few times on GTB, and hopefully will keep the Wolfpack bats in check long enough for W&M to get a run or two across the plate against Rodon. Hell, the Tribe don't even need hits to score, so how hard can it be?

Earning a victory will be a tall order, Nordberg, but us FUTILE SUPERFANS have faith. In the immortal words of noted thespian Rob Schneider, YOU CAN DO IT.


Mark said...

'Bands to Make Her Dance' came on Pandora when I was working out this morning. It's been in my head ever since.

zman said...

It's the only song in my head. Or at leat that was the case in February. Awesome guilty pleasure.

Shlara said...

Heartbreaker for the Tribe. Really strong performance tho. And I like their confidence.

Clarence said...

¡¡Hola, Gheorghies!!

zman said...

Roy Hibbert is an idiot.

rob said...

just saw what hibbert said. jeez, you damn dummy.

TR said...

Roy Hibbert is not an idiot. The "no homo" phrase, while inappropriate for an interview, is very much in the popular lexicon.

And I love him talking shit to the media. Indiana has a legit reason to be pissed at the media. There was no doubt they were as good as the Knicks all year.

Hibbert does not appear to be very "street" so he is labeled a certain way. He's bursting out of an 86 inch shell this series in a big way.

Folks don't realize it, but the Pacers may have the 2nd and 3rd best players in this series.

rob said...

i agree that he's not an idiot, which makes the use of 'no homo' in this context even dumber - nothing good at all can come of using that phrase in public.

i have no problem with him talking shit to the media, for exactly the same reason you don't. 'motherfucker' is an excellent word and should be used more often by people in all walks of life. in fact, i believe we should start a 'free motherfucker' campaign.

rootsminer said...

I missed the chance yesterday to say that Wagon Wheel is one of the most overrated, overplayed songs of the past decade, Roanoke reference or no. We played a festival yesterday, and when I heard the next group getting set I put the probability of Wagon Wheel at 95%. Fortunately I was wrong and they didn't play it.

My group played it once, as an instrumental medley with Here Comes the Sun for a wedding processional. It took serious dolla$ for us to do that.

Shlara said...

MFer is my favorite swear word. I use it more often that I really should.

And I'm heading over to the USMNT game shortly so I'm counting on you guys to secure a win for Tribe baseball at 1pm today