Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rational Exuberance

Sweet socks, GHWB!
Yesterday marked President George H. W. Bush's 89th birthday, and I almost failed him.

Turns out ol' 41 has a predilection for fanciful hosiery, and encouraged like-minded Americans to help him celebrate his birthday by donning exuberant socks of their own. I didn't get the memo until it was almost too late, and so I spent most of the day wearing this only modestly exuberant (soberly silly, perhaps) pair.

But when a former Commander in Chief asks me to do something, like most patriotic Americans, I listen. (Obviously, when Clinton calls and wants to go clubbing, I listen and then hang up.) And so, in the President's honor, I came home and changed. A few times.


God Bless America, and Happy belated Birthday, Mr. President.


rob said...

by today, of course, i obviously mean 'yesterday'.

Danimal said...

george is getting up there. i say this with the utmost respect, but he is at the top of my list for the 2014 deathpool. i hope i'm wrong.

i am saving a post describing the day back in '96 when i was asked to caddie for the man at a hoity toity spot in houston. one of 3 playing partners - arnie.

zman said...

It makes me very uncomfortable to sit a foot away from a breast feeding woman I don't know, particularly in public places like pret a manger.