Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Ballad of Rosy Waugh

This is @rosiexwaugh. Best I Could Do.
In 1938, colorfully named William & Mary pitcher Rosy Waugh won 10 games for the Tribe's nine. Until this month, nobody else in Green and Gold baseball history had matched him.

Last Thursday, John Farrell (not THAT John Farrell) gave up two earned runs in six innings at home against Georgia State, and his teammates backed him with 15 runs to give the senior righthander his tenth win on the season. Farrell's 10-2 mark and 2.42 ERA earned him first-team All-CAA honors, making him only the sixth pitcher in school history to make the league's top team. Farrell tied for the CAA lead in wins and finished second in ERA.

First-year Head Coach Jamie Pinzino earned CAA Coach of the Year honors as the Tribe finished with a 35-20 mark, including a school-record 17 conference wins. W&M finished second in the CAA, better than all but two seasons in the 320 years in which Tribesmen have played baseball. Or rounders. Or other ball and stick games. The Tribe was second in the league in both 2001 and 2002, as well.

Actual John Farrell Here.
While W&M was last in the league in homeruns and at the bottom of the conference in most offensive categories, Pinzino's squad won on the strength of a dominant pitching staff. The Tribe led the league in ERA, had twice as many shutouts as any other team in the conference, and allowed 55 fewer bases on balls than any other league foe.

Farrell and sophomore Jason Inghram (2.53) both finished in the top five in ERA, with Ingrham recording the league's best opponent's batting average (.219) and finishing second in strikeouts with 94.

That 2001 team earned the second of W&M's only two NCAA Tournament appearances, defeating JMU, 6-5, in the final game of the CAA Tournament. W&M opens the 2013 CAA Tournament tomorrow against the winner of the Delaware/JMU opener. Only seven teams are eligible for the championship in this, the year of the CAA's discontent.

So you're sayin' there's a chance. The Ghost of Rosy Waugh is sitting up and taking notice.


Danimal said...

yeah, saw the sergio thing last night - just when i thought it might become a dead issue. stupido!

T.J. said...

do Pantsless Griffins slide?

zman said...

rob is making a strong push for 2013 MVP. I'm waiting to see what SummerDave has up his sleeves, beyond forests of arm hair.

rob said...

frankly, z, i'm making a strong push for mob. most only blogger.

bunch of fucking slackers.

Mark said...

If you find a way for me to write blog posts while putting 100+ miles on my car 4-5 days a week I'll step up my production. Until then, can't promise much.

Danimal said...


Danimal said...

speaking of guilty...shulman, irs guy, currently pooping pants.

Geoff said...

Yeah, my fave Shulman answer was this back and forth.

Q: Mr. Shulman, have you attended meetings at the White House?

A: Yes, I've had occasion to go to the White House. I was at the Easter Egg roll this year.

Q: The White House logs say you have visited the White House 118 times since 2010. So, were those all Easter Egg roll visits?

Danimal said...

that was good, yes.

i almost, almost feel badly for him. some days we are over paid for what we do, some days, under paid. i can't decide which for this guy.

Geoff said...

Let's put it this way...if this was truly a "mistake" resulting from "inadequate training" then their response to it has been the most incompetent in recorded history.

rob said...

mark, three words: speech to text. ask teejay for an advance on next month's salary - should be enough to cover the cost.

zman said...

It's so easy to shit on Shulman at these hearings that he's practically a toilet. He's clearly the fall guy for this fiasco so he has to take whatever they throw at him. The questioners don't have to comply with any formal rules of questioning, there's no uninterested third party there to keep them in check, and there's no group of fact-finders to worry about offending with boorish behavior. That said, it's great theater. The sweaty guy with the combover slapped Shulman around a few days ago and it made me wish I could sit on a panel like that.