Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Twelve Days of Gheorghe-mas: Day Nine

On the Ninth Day of Gheorghe-mas, Big Gheorghe (once again) gave to me...
Nine Clips You Tubin'

Eight Wren-based Nuggets...
A Seven Point Loss; 
Six games worth watching (and picking);
Five Combined Wins;
Four Compliments For T.J.;
Three French Hens;
Two Dope-ass Rhymes (and a whole mess of sub-par ones as well);
And a Doofus Dancing (Amidst a Really Long and Grumpy Analysis of the New Kanye West Album)

As Marls put it, Gheorghe-mas was off the rails yet again.  Day Nine is "tube of you" day.  I did not get many editorial submissions, so I will post those I did...and then dish out some others all willy nilly, so to speak (not to be confused with my boy Chilly Willy, who no joke, was a straight up pimp):

Mark wanted to welcome his new coach.  This guy looks smart:

TR's email to me: "I nominate the concert clip where Ben Bridwell from Band of Horses joins Pearl Jam onstage to sing along to Hunger Strike. It was at MSG. There are a lot of clips of this on YouTube.

Yeah, there were some:

Zman rightly asked for clips of badass punter Zoltan Mesko. Obliged:

This is how I imagine @squeaky's renovation actually going:

For Dennis...we miss you bud. Don't be a stranger:

rob...this one's for you:

And Shlara, happy festivus...enjoy this classic (gang, everyone enjoy this one):

@baconbaking got a little meta with this submission, which is also quite trippy. I enjoy comment one under the video.

Happy Gheorghe-mas All.  I send you out with the best...


T.J. said...

Marls, are you sending me multiple clips? Bing Crosby liked to smack his family around man.

But I do agree Die Hard is a terrific xmas movie. I believe it has been discussed in this space.

Marls said...

I am. The cowboys one is one for the ages.

Shlara said...

"You the Man" is a gift that keeps on giving. Merry Gheroghe-mas boys!

rob said...

the fuck is craig james talking about?