Wednesday, December 22, 2010

G:TB's 1st Halloween Party

Sorry to be late on this, fellow contributors, but it's been a hectic Fall for me. I only got one good pic from our staff Halloween party.

Rob - nice Loompa costume.

Zman - thanks for bunnying up with me.

The Teej - thanks for being the best drunken EMT I've ever seen.

Mark - nice try on the Blues Brothers outfit.

Whit - still not sure what your costume was, but I hope you didn't vomit on your blonde wig.


Danimal said...

that gunt is's a combination of an arse and boobs.

T.J. said...

rob also doing the right thing and holding Whit's hand through the trauma.

Danimal said...

and was this REALLY a "Halloween" party?