Saturday, August 28, 2010

Old School Saturday

In case you're hosting a party tonight but can't figure out what music to play.

SC73 presents a mix from Just Dizle inspired by Planet Rock Paris by sedgwick&cedar

track list:
1.Just-Ice – Latoya
2.Joe Piscopo & Eddie Murphy – Honeymooners Rap
3.MC EZ – Get Retarted
4.The Super Kids – The Tragedy
5.Fearless Four – Rockin’ it
6.Skinny Boys – Jock Box
7.LL Cool J – You’ll Rock
8.Ultramagnetic MCs – Bait
9.Roxanne shante – I’m Fly Shante ft Steady B.
10.Fantasy Three – It’s Your Rock
11.B-Side – Change the beat
12.Spin Masters – Brothers
13.Kurtis Blow – AJ Scratch
14.Velore & Double-O – Your ugly
15.Run-D.M.C. – Rock The House
16.Hurby’s Machine Feat Antoinette – I Got An Attitude
17.Jazzy Jay – Cold Chillin In The Spot
18.Run DMC – Jam Master Jay
19.Schooly D – Saturday Night
20.T La Rock – It’s Yours
21.Disco Four – We’re At The Party
22.The Singing MC Breeze – DiscombobulatorBabulator (Captain Crunch)
23.Ultimate 3 Mc’s – What Are We Gonna Do About It?
24.Davy DMX – One For The Treble
25.Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud – Super Cassanova
26.Spoonie Gee & The Treacherous 3 – Love Rap
27.Awesome Foursome – Monster beat
28.The Sugar Hill Gang – 8th Wonder


Marls said...

Kurtis Blow at 6 am. Nice.

rob said...

in a similar vein, ta-nehisi coates has had a bunch of guest-bloggers on his blog lately. one of them, ricardo gutierrez, is a dj in nyc (i think - i could be making that part up) who posts mixes from time to time. here's friday's:

rob said...

and here's a user-friendly version of the link:

Marls said...

Wait, did you post this at 6:09 on purpose or are you just that naturally (insert proper adj. here)?

zman said...

I'm inherently fratty.

Dave said...

okay, can someone give me a quick course on what's going on with mix? are the songs in their original format and just jammed together, or is the DJ putting his own beats under them and altering the pitch/speed?


an old white guy

zman said...

If you go here you can download the mix and each track individually and figure it out for us and then report back.

Dave said...

are you trying to teach me some kind of self-reliance lesson?

zman said...


Can I get an update on Couture/Toney? Maybe live blogging from Mark/Mayhugh?

Everyone says Toney is a dead man so I'll predict that Lights Out KO's Couture in the 3rd.

TR said...

Toney tipped the scales at 237 lbs. His fat ass will be whupped in no time.