Friday, August 21, 2009

TGIF Ghoogles and Nationals Update

Not a whole lot to see here, but a few of them gave me a chuckle...
[Tiny Editor's Annoying Note to Me: I was told to explain what "the ghoogles" post is all about. These are the most recent search terms that somehow, someway led people to this little corner of the blogosphere. Happy rob?]
  • peed on my rug
  • i hate kyle because
  • summer homework
  • blog.gheorghe
  • kato little yellow friend
  • loyal vernon bouldin
  • home work blogs
  • 1980 movie about gymnastics
  • gheorghe the blog
  • summer homework
  • alfonso ribeiro shirtless
  • i love this job more than i love taffy
  • randy newman blogspot
  • john staluppi felon
  • the oc seth fluffer
  • Are Ben Olson, P Cowan still on UCLA football squad for 2009?
  • salvador dali a mason
  • let's have a bachelor party with chicks
  • rhymeo rob
What I'm not chuckling about is the Nats inability to gain ground on the other league chumps. My in-person support last night did them no good...perhaps tonight's apperance will work out better.

-Cincinnati Reds, 51-69, 9 up
-Pittsburgh Pirates, 49-70, 8 up
-Baltimore Orioles, 49-72, 6 up
-San Diego Padres, 51-72, 6 up
-Kansas City Royals, 47-73, 5 games "up"
-Washington Nationals, 43-78


TR said...

You did see Wagner. And he looked good in one innning. He's hoping to get traded to a contender by 8/31.

TJ said...

That would be the first smart thing the Mets did all year.

rob said...

nice to see someone recognize our ucla football expertise. been a long time coming.

TJ said...

And now rob used his email machine to call me a "jerk". He's so mean.

rob said...

as in jamaican spice rub. teejay's the most jamaican guy i know.

TJ said...

This one just came in, and it's odd as hell:
"steven seagal miles copeland"

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