Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Consider my liquor poured...

The comments section of Gheorghe was in the middle of a typical day today when "Jerome" (so, that's not Jerry?) burst in with some truly tragic news. Emmy winner, philanthropist, sexpot and former pirate Estelle Getty had perished at the tender age of...really fucking old. (Come on already, does it even matter once somebody's past 80? Of course it doesn't).

Of course, Estelle being older than most American universities doesn't obscure the fact that she was...an all around awesome broad. I mean, could Bee Arthur have pulled off Estelle's role in Stop! Or My Mom will Shoot ? Hell to the no, she's a damn foot taller than Stallone for Christ's sake. And don't get even me started on that whore Betty White. Annnnywho, this is all really an excuse to show the remix to the Estelle Getty Workout video that was posted over at EDSBS earlier today, which is possibly the world's greatest blog with a University of Florida graduate on staff, excluding this one, natch. So without further ado:


TJ said...

Now, I might be hungover as shit, but this appears to be the most awesome post in the history of ever.

Ever I say.

amanda young said...

My god, this is beyond amazing!! :D
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