Wednesday, July 06, 2011

It's Time for July Madness! (We Need a Better Name)

Okay, folks. At a recent Gheorghe: The Summit here in Coastal Virginia, the three most idiotic Gheorghers sat down and cranked out the entries for a project we've had in the works for quite a while. The Selection Committee presents to you, fair readers, on this Selection Wednesday, the group of 63 entries in this, the first ever . . .

Classic Rock Shootout Championship Tournament

How it works (see if you can follow this complex formula):

At the 18th Annual Outer Banks Fishing Trip (T-minus 14 hours), we are going to listen to the local Classic Rock station (106.9 The Fox) beginning Friday morning. As soon as we hear a song by the artists we have selected, they move to the second round while their first-round opponent is ousted. Once the round is complete, on to the second round we go.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Ad nauseum. All weekend.

Flaws in the system? Many.
Flaws in the seeding? None. Shut up.
Intelligence in this concept? Eh, a little.
The best part? A write-in space at #64. You don't see this in the NCAA Tournament!

For those on the trip, this will be something special.
For those not, feel free to fill out your own bracket and follow along. If you have a smart phone, download WunderRadio app and find WAFX in Suffolk, VA. I hope to be able to update the online bracket as we go. (Somebody bring a laptop.)

Click here to see the online bracket.

The Seeds

Led Zeppelin
Rolling Stones
Pink Floyd
The Beatles
Eagles / Don Henley / Glenn Frey / Joe Walsh
Elton John
Cream / Eric Clapton / Derek & Dominos
Tom Petty / & Heartbreakers
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Bruce Springsteen / & E Street Band
The Who / Pete Townshend
The Doors
CCR / John Fogerty
Billy Joel
CSN / Neil Young
John Cougar / Mellencamp
Van Halen
The Police / Sting
Fleetwood Mac / Stevie Nicks
Jimi Hendrix
Bob Dylan
S&G / Paul Simon / Art Garfunkel
The Doobie Brothers
Dire Straits
Guns N' Roses
Steve Miller Band
Van Morrison
David Bowie
The Cars
Rod Stewart
Bob Seger
Steely Dan
ZZ Top
Genesis / Phil Collins
The Kinks
Def Leppard
REO Speedwagon
Black Sabbath / Ozzy Osbourne
Eddie Money
Electric Light Orchestra
The Allman Brothers
Talking Heads
Bad Company
Jefferson Airplane / Jefferson Starship / Starship
Stevie Wonder
James Taylor
The Band
Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Jethro Tull
.38 Special



zman said...

No fucking ABBA? Journey is my upset special. The Allmans and the Doors got hosed by the seeding committee AND by whoever made them face off in the first round.

T.J. said...


T.J. said...

ABBA is not classic rock, donk.

rob said...

what about tesla?

and mark, you should consider yourself invited to all future obfts. you'll have to hang out with old guys who don't do much except drink and tell inside jokes, but you're invited nonetheless.

danimal, you too.

rob said...


rob said...

kq and shlara, i'd invite you, too, but the obft bylaws are pretty strict on the whole 'no girls allowed' thing.

T.J. said...

I can't wait until Dave sees this and gets pissed.

Mark said...

I'll plan on joining in next year. The wife should be more than happy to hang out with a 3-4 month old baby while I drink for 3-4 days.

TR said...

Dylan, U2 and GnR have legit gripes.

zman said...

Are the seedings based on the quality of the band's music or how often their music is played on the radio?

Whitney said...

My favorite match-up of the 1st round is Game 11 - the "You Really Got Me Game."

Whitney said...

How often their music is played on classic rock radio.

Shlara said...

The OBFT is in its 18th year--wow, that's commitment.

And, no worries about being excluded. I bet that house is pretty gross and stinky by the end of the trip.

Whitney said...

OBFT 18 is off with a bang. Glhurting tomorrow.

rob said...

glhurting, indeed

Dave said...

i am so NOT pissed about this seeding-- it's pretty much spot on . . . i am going ot have trouble picking the talking heads or the the who-- two of my all time favorites, but i extend my congratulations to whitney for some excellent seeding and for including my "write-in" idea. i still contend we need a time limit and debate clause for each round so that this thing ends in a timely fashion (before OBFT XXV)

Danimal said...

thanks rob - one of these yrs.
the wkd i have in store is the exact opposite of obft - a wkd at home solo w/my 3 yr and 7 month old beginning tonight. girls are welcome to this event, for support purposes only of course.

agree w/tr - u2 & dylan behind mellencamp. out of sorts in my mind but everything else very good. commendable job. congratulations.

have fun dicks.

Greg said...

George Thorogood? The top write-in.

rob said...

the write in idea is moronic. completely compromises the integrity of the tournament.

mayhugh said...

Write-in - The Guess Who. Or Nazareth, who has one song but it always crops up on those classic rock stations by midday.

Whitney said...

Rob, you should boycott -- we'll tell you how it turns out.

Danimal said...

blue oyster cult...a little cowbell maybe?

Danimal said...

so who doesn't go to obft besides mark & myself?

TR said...

I don't go.

zman said...

I didn't go this year.

Whitney said...

We could really exceed our comment record if everyone who doesn't go to the fishing trip responds.

mr kq said...

brilliant. shall i overnight my entry fee to tortugas on the beach road? i'll take grand funk railroad as a write-in with traffic and yes (awesome 70's version not 80's glam version) as alternates. in case anyone dies.