Friday, July 08, 2011

Classic Rock Up Your Ass Friday

I expect a slow day here at G:TB. In an effort to increase post-count and to provide Doofus Overlord-approved filler, here's my write-in entry in Classic Rock Shootout.

Steppenwolf has but a few hits in their catalog, but they get a fair number of spins. They could rattle some brackets.

If you're sitting on a beach, or sitting at Tortuga's Lie, drink in hand, relaxing with friends, playing drinking games that you made up 10 minutes ago, tooling on each other's bad tshirts, and getting cornhole lessons from Jerry and Dave ... go to hell.


TR said...




Greg said...

Jester of Tortuga!

rob said...


T.J. said...

They just played Steppenwolf

zman said...

Before Zeppelin?

rob said...

no, not nearly