Monday, June 20, 2011

Photo Taken at Stone Pony on Sunday June 19th

Many of you may have heard of the Stone Pony as the unofficial "hometown bar" of Bruce Springsteen. This was the scene at 1 PM on Sunday.


T.J. said...

My Little Pony

zman said...

No "big hole" tag for this post?

So how about the fireproof platinum blonde on Game of Thrones? Laugh all you want, it's the only TV show for which I have no idea what's going to happen on a minute-by-minute basis.

mayhugh said...

Mark - didn't get to isue congratulations before the new post (post count!). My only request would be that if it is a girl, you name her "May". I'm sure you'll agree this would be awesome.

T.J. said...


T.J. said...

And yes, congrats on bringing another one of you into the world.

Did they have such things as infant tats?

T.J. said...

I would also like to note that TR's comment back to rob last night, about the Len Bias "30 for 30", still has me laughing.
/going right to hell

Mark said...

I have a dog named Mayfield that we call May all the time, so we're halfway there Mayhugh.

And, I feel confident in saying my kid is going to be a complete and total asshole.

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