Monday, June 06, 2011

I Was Thinking (That You Were Thinking)

The Almight Yojo is proud to present another song by The Density . . . and this one explores the most awkward of moments: when you put yourself out there . . . when you tell someone you have groovy, special feelings for them . . .  when you finally work up the courage and go for it . . . and you are rejected.

The lyrics are below, but once again, they don't do justice to the song. And so I'd like to thank Whitney, my colleagues at work, Jim Carrey, The Farrelly Brothers, The Coen Brothers, Lauren Holly, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Frances McDormand, and Steve Park for providing some excellent content for me to mangle in my own particular style. I sincerely appreciate it.

I Was Thinking (That You Were Thinking) by The Density

I Was Thinking (That You Were Thinking)

I was thinking . . . that you were thinking
that we could be something good,

but you weren’t thinking what I was thinking
I guess that I misunderstood.

I thought that we were on the same page.
You thought that I was acting kind of strange.

Now I’m so humiliated by the thing I created
I can’t be around you no more
I look down at the floor.

I was talking and you were walking,
but I thought walking meant something more.

I was waiting, anticipating,
when you’d let me walk through that door.

And now I’m so embarrassed
I didn’t mean to make you stressed.

Why’d you have to go and be so nice . . .
tempt me to roll the dice.

I opened up and I regret it
and now I can’t forget it.

How could I get it so wrong?
How could I be so damned dumb?


T.J. said...

The Yojo is an early riser.

zman said...

"Mr. Yojo Risin" would be a good name for a rock star's alter-ego.

Dave said...

an alter ego with an alter ego?

Whitney said...

Nice work, Yojo. I'm glad my insightful analogies and high school embarrassments could be immortalized.

Whitney said...

Question -- I am organizing my music, and I have songs filed under Dave's name, many others under Greasetruck, and still more under Almighty Yojo and now The Density. I know what constitutes a Random Idiots song, but how would you explain the difference between these other entities?

T.J. said...


zman said...

I would simply assign them the same album name, "Best of Gheorghe" or "Gheorghe Sings Distortedly" or something like that.

Marls said...

Needs a monologue...

Dave said...

it's full of monologues.

and i like changing band names-- it's one of the few things i have complete control over in my life . . .

everyone in the office loved the "walk" analogy.

Danimal said...

am just seeing some weiner pics for the first time. weiner the congressman, not weiner the bodypart. he's toast but also quite fit. that could prove to be helpful as he searches for a new mate.

Danimal said...

and if you've seen drudge today, you've also seen a pic of bono in a dress shirt with a tie on...that's almost as horrific as the weiner pics.

Danimal said...

Matt Leinart QB'S much better than he interviews. Bad decision....brah!

Jerry said...

Very quietly, the Heat relash is growing roots on the internet.

TR said...

Tom Gordon has a son who just made his MLB debut. Somebody was making babies at a young age.

In an apt turn of events, "Flash" Gordon's kid is a speed-demon.

zman said...