Friday, June 11, 2010

My Definitive Clairvoyant World Cup Analysis

It's time for my Definitive World Cup Predictions.  I am fairly clairvoyant, so these should be worth something, especially if you're in some sort of pool. To show you how confident I am in my powers, I swear on Pele's boot that I will slice off my left testicle if these predictions do not come to pass.

First, I predict that Spain will beat the Netherlands (that's right-- The Dutch!) deep in an ugly overtime match with very few highlights and a number of botched scoring opportunities. I also see the color yellow.  There will be much yellow.

I predict I will tie Jerry in the Yahoo Fantasy Sports Pool.  If you are not me or Jerry, I'm warning you, you will lose.  It's not fair, but I am clairvoyant.

I also predict that a super intelligent and clairvoyant squid will make a number of correct predictions during the World Cup.  When in doubt, go with the squid.

This is what G:TB is all about . . . making tons of money with my Definitive Clairvoyant World Cup Analysis.

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Jerry said...

Holy crap you're good.