Monday, April 10, 2017

Know Your Minor League Mascot: Worlds Colliding

It's been about three-and-a-half years (!) since our last edition of Know Your Minor League Mascot. The official mascot of the Richmond AA team is the Flying Squirrels, and it also serves as the unofficial mascot of Gheorghe: The Blog due to the squirrel enthusiast on staff. We may, however, have a new unofficial minor league mascot here: the Hartford Yard Goats.

We've been remiss in lauding the Yard Goats here previously. Last year was their first year with this mascot--they were the New Brittain Rock Cats previously. They have two (two!) goat mascots: a green goat named Chompers and a blue goat named Chew Chew. Everyone at G:TB loves goats and I could really use two goats of my own these days.

I learned of the Yard Goats on Sunday morning when the clowns on WFAN were discussing their four game stand in Richmond ... against the Flying Squirrels! Worlds colliding. I'm not sure who to root for, but the Squirrels took two of the first three games.

Yard Goat merch is strong to quite strong. This hat has a lot of character.

This tshirt imploring you to "Don't be a hero, be a goat" has a lot going for it as well.

Nothing, however, packs more bang for your buck (pun!) than this magnet.

For a mere $3 you can tell someone "You will always be a goat to me" without having to actually talk to them. Where were these magnets 25 years ago?

Even if the Yard Goats don't supplant the Flying Squirrels as your favorite minor league mascot, I hope you can find some room in your heart for this herd. Herd up, as they say.


TR said...

Following up on Zman and Mark in the last thread, the NBA MVP race has gotten more intriguing for sure. And Harden's at 29.3/11.3/8.1 for the year shouldn't be overlooked.

It's almost like Russ has been reading the "Harden is probably gonna get the MVP" articles over the last month and said to himself "FUCK THAT". He's turned it up a notch...but the team is still 6-4 in the last 10 and has lost ground to both the Jazz and Clippers. So we're looking at OKC-Houston in Round 1. And everybody wins in that circumstance. I'm guessing the over/under of Game 1 will be about 235 pts.

I'm still voting for Harden on my official NBA ballot. 55 wins matters. But Russ is a freak.

zman said...

Everything you said makes sense. But if you lead the league in scoring AND you carry your team to the playoffs AND you average a triple double AND you break Oscar Robinson's record they're giving you the MVP. It might not be the most analytically sound conclusion but that's how I see it.

TR said...

Mike Pence is on Sanibel Island w/ me. Sweet.

T.J. said...

Goat Parkour:

T.J. said...

Baby goat yoga:

zman said...

Thanks Teedge, I knew I could count on you for goat enthusiasm.

Whitney said...

ORF Rock tonight 7:00pm.

Search WODU at YouTube or click on:

Livestream audio:

Shout-outs planned for Zman and Dave with others likely to occur...

Whitney said...

Wilco at Wolf Trap 6/9. Rob should ask for a ticket for his birthday.

zman said...

Is that pandering? I love being pandered to.