Thursday, April 20, 2017

Where Are the Waldos?

Happy 4/20, people.  It's an old story by now, but for the few uninitiated...

1971... Five friends at San Rafael High School in California ("The Waldos") coin the term "4:20" as a euphemism for smoking pot. April 20th becomes a popular day to spark one up, as does 4:20 pm. Note that the Boston song "Smokin'" clocks in at 4 minutes, 20 seconds, and if you multiply the title numbers in Bob Dylan's "Rainy Day Women #12 And #35," you get 420. Dude!

Now more than ever, weed is in the social conscious, and the punny headlines everywhere reflect it:

Marijuana's big day is here: '420' celebrations ready to roll

Marijuana has truly gone mainstream, survey finds

The Etymology of 420 by Fred Gardner
My Stan Smiths are a shirt!

4/20 is Black Friday for marijuana merchants

The origins of 4/20, marijuana's high holiday

How to Have the Perfect 4/20

Cypress Hill - Insane In The Membrane

Weed-to-know facts on how to legally celebrate "4-20"

4/20 poll: Support to legalize marijuana at all-time high

DC activists to hand out joints near US Capitol

"Rock the vote, motherfuckers..."

The chances of Ween launching their spring tour on 4/20 being a coincidence? About 1 in 420.  

Enjoy the day.  


zman said...

Where's Waldo? I'm at the airport in Atlanta waiting to board a plane with 69 eight grade kids on a class trip. They are ... loud.

rob said...

lagunitas commemorates the waldos with the release of the waldos' special ale, touted as the dankest, hoppiest beer they've ever brewed. it weighs in at 11.9 abv. zoinks. i'll give you a review this weekend.

Mark said...

420 is the penal code for weed possession. One to grow on.

Catching up on some of yesterday's comments:

Casey Anthony did indeed have it going on back in the day. In a Central Florida slightly white trash kind of way. I've known plenty of girls that for that description over the years.

Prime knit Stan Smiths are sweet. Definitely go green over white or metallic. I'm partial to navy blue though as I'm a Rod Laver shoe fan. As for Vans, always a good choice. Especially since they offer roughly a million different styles/colorways nowadays.

Z- if you ever have time to kill in the Atlanta airport, One Flew South in terminal E is worth the tram ride.

Clarence said...

Mark, someone disagrees.

Mythbusting 420

Shlara said...

This is a perfect day to remind everyone to start watching Desus + Mero
Do it.

zman said...

Clarence is intimately familiar with all the penile codes.

Mark said...

I don't live in California.

In other 4/20 related news, my only longtime girlfriend in college was born on 4/20. She didn't smoke and was always annoyed when bouncers or bartenders would comment on her birthday after seeing her ID. She did, however, have an Uncle who was at one time a huge weed dealer (like owned his own plane level) and did time in a federal penitentiary. He was smart though and hid a ton of his assets under his Mom's name. That Mom is dead now and so is he. My former girlfriend received all that money (millions) in his will as well as his huge collection of original Peter Max artwork.

rob said...

mark has a lot of good stories, but i think that one's my favorite

TR said...

I respectfully disagree, Rob. Eddie Money with a heroin needle remains my favorite. I've told a couple people that story and nobody seems surprised.

TR said...

ESPN's "schedule release special" at 8 PM sounds like the worst show ever. Anybody who chooses to watch that should be forced to punch themself in the face.

rob said...

i'll grant you that, tr. it's a strong one.

Whitney said...

Walking into Ween. If they play Pollo Asado, Baby Bitch, or My Own Bare Hands I will give $10 to a nonprofit for each instance. Dollar amounts are lame but the intent is decent.

Mark said...

The girl who walked in on Eddie Money is the same girl who inherited all the drug money.

I also happened to live in her Uncle's mother in law suite (rent was cheap and it was walking distance to two bars, a strip club and the beach) when I was fresh out of school. He would randomly get drunk and come over with a joint and tell me stories of his time as a dealer. Now those were some great stories.

rob said...

the waldos' special ale, poured. dank and hoppy as all hell.

Whitney said...

My Own Bare Hands got played. For some quality juvenilia, give it a listen. $10 to charity.

Now walking down the mall to Pink Talking Fish. $10 for Slippery People, Wolfman's Brother, and One of These Days (natch).

TR said...

I just started posting reviews on TripAdvisor. It's a fantastic venting mechanism for you folks that use the inter webs. Right in Zman's wheelhouse.

Dave said...

i suppose i need to hear the eddie money heroin needle to compare, but i really like the 4/20 surprise inheritance story.

zman said...

I love venting mechanisms, I'm practically an HVAC expert.

Mark said...

The inheritance wasn't a surprise. She always knew it was coming her way as she was one of only two grandchildren in the family and the other was kind of a shithead. The inheritance came far earlier than expected though.

As for Eddie Money, I wrote a post on it years ago. It's in the archives somewhere. I'm happy to retell it if we ever meet, Dave.

Dave said...

i will search it up